The weather is heating up. The sun is shining, the skies blue and clear. Aside from a good moisturizer, and a protective lightweight sun cream, the most important thing I'd have in my makeup arsenal is several bright lippies. Who can complain right? :)

Here are some of my current faves.

L-R: Benefit Posie Balm, NYX Sao Paulo, Guerlain Kiss Kiss in 805, Mac Petite Indulgence, Too Faced Melted Fuchsia

Benefit Posie Balm 
works well by itself or as a layering base. It's got a smooth balmy feel with a light milky pink color. Rosy scent is a plus!

Too Faced Melted Fuchsia 
 One of the bright shades I acquired right at the end of last year during the holidays. It's an absolutely gorgeous color from the tube, and translates into an intense fuchsia that's perfect for a minimal look. I love the look of bare skin and fuchsia lipstick! The formula is really smooth, and dries to a semi-matte. It's got a nice stain-ish quality after several hours and is easy to remove. More than anything, this shade stays true to its color upon wear and I love that!

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss (similar) 
The Kiss Kiss range of glosses seems to be sadly discontinued :( I still love this. It's a pretty peach tone gloss that's shiny and shimmery. Looks great alone or with a nude lipstick.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Sao Paulo 
 A plummy red with a creamy matte finish. This is probably the most plummy and least bright here but it's got such a unique color. It's a cross between pink and plum and rose. A gorgeous hybrid for sure! The formula is a bit on the dry side so a good lip balm underneath would be good. Wear time is a bit shorter, about 2 hours or so.

MAC Creme Sheen in Petite Indulgence (similar)
This one is sadly discontinued but really similar to Japanese Spring in the spring collection. Cremesheen's are my favorite formula that MAC makes because it's never too sticky. It's always more hydrating than their other glossy formulas. Petite Indulgence is a perfect glossy for spring because of its pretty pale pink color that's both opaque and a bit on the violet side. Absolute love!

I have a ton of lippies that I'm currently rotating so stay tuned for more reviews! I'll have more FOTD's up and swatches shortly ;) And an updated Springtime skincare regimen along with some Korean skincare reviews and facial masks that I'm currently loving.

What are your favorite Spring lip colors and what formulas do you like?

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Feb/March in Photos

Between a busy work schedule and other life maintenances, I enjoy relaxing on the weekends. It's a luxury that I cherish and often do! :) 

Enjoying wine, laughter and friends next to a gorgeous firepit. It was so hot and cozy, and beautiful :) 

A few weekends ago, one of my good friends moved to a gorgeous new home. We put together this patio in 1 hr! Hard to believe but it came out well right? I'm really in love with the colors.

I also bought a dainty little pendant when I was in LA visiting my folks. It's a gorgeous little addition to accessories. 

This was the other stone I bought. I love it very much. It adds such an air of simplicity to my necklaces. I often stick to classic looks year round. i like the occasional statement necklace but my love is all here! 

Saturday morning yoga poses! I practice yoga at home and feel like it's so good for my well being. :) 

I work at a start up at work and we finally launched our app. Check us out at Zenbanx! ;)

I purchased this BKR bottle in Feb and have been using it ever since! This is such a cute bottle for water. I take it with me everywhere, and use it all day at work. It's surprisingly hefty for a small 16oz bottle but the loop at the top makes it easy for carrying. Another cool thing is that this is a local company from SF!

Coffee after yoga. Always.

Tulips for days :) Makes such a difference to have fresh blooms weekly at home.

I can't believe March is coming to an end so soon. But Spring is FINALLY HERE!!!!
 What have you lovelies been up to?


YSL rouge volupte lipstick in Peach Passion

I have long since been a fan of YSL Rouge Volupte lispticks. Something about their creamy colors, light as silk textures and beautiful timeless shades. 

Peach Passion was one of those coveted colors many years ago and I largely suspect it's still a popular item. This is a beautiful shade of coral and pink, packaged in a luxurious tube of girly. It's also the perfect transitional color to spring. It doesn't look nor feel heavy at all, and I imagine the cool peachy color would look great on almost anyone.

                 Source: Pinterest

I definitely dabbled in peachy cream colors when it comes to lipsticks. I'm not particularly fond of all corals because it makes me look too Barbie-ish and unnatural. The YSL one looks particularly nice but it isn't very "natural" looking either. Its a bit bright but not clownish. 

Lasting power isn't so impressive though. It's creamy to the point where it literally glides off after food or water. If you leave it on long enough, it'll stain and that'll last at least 3 hours. One thing I don't like is that since it is overly creamy, it often settles on the lips and emphasizes the dry and cracked parts. 

Overall, a beautiful lipstick. Aside from the packaging, this lipstick is not without its flaws but I could overlook them for now. 


Recent Little Purchases

Happy March! 

I can't believe time has flown by so fast. Seems like it was yesterday when I was preparing for the new year. Sometimes I wish time would slow down. On the up side, Spring is nearing and the days are getting longer which is a good trade off!

I purchase a few things recently and quite happy about them so far. First up is the BKR water bottle - it's just a sweet looking nifty bottle with an awesome design. I've been drinking water in this and lugging it around everywhere. Fits nicely in my bag and loops around splendidly on my fingers. I can't say no to a cute girly design! These bottles are made with incredible quality. Even the silicone cover is great. Good grip. The glass bottle is uber sturdy and the most important part of the bottle is the small nozzle, resembling a typical water bottle. I don't like bottles with too big of an opening because water spills all over and tends to look ultra bulky. BKR's are a nice little luxury that gets me drinking more water. Love it!  

My next purchases are the LaRoche Posay cream and the Vichy Liftactiv cream. The LaRoche Posay one is intended on getting rid of blemishes, which I have quite a bit of at the moment. This is my first time using the cream and so far I'm impressed by how lightweight it is and how it doesn't reek of chemicals. Smells quite fresh actually. The Vichy cream is another first for me but I'm applying a thick layer after washing my face. I really love how it feels on my skin - cooling, calming and soft. So absorbent. I've got nothing but good things to say about it. 


Review and Comparison of Ray Ban New Wayfarers and Classic Clubmaster Sunnies

When you're in the vast outdoors, or the sunnyscape of temperate California, one thing you will need in your arsenal is a solid pair of sunglasses. Perhaps you are an avid biker, or an artist or a beach bum... either way, your trusty shades are there with you through thick and thin.

In my case, the criteria for the perfect pair is functionality, durability and style. 

Ray Ban's have been around since the 30's but more prominently in the 50's when they became iconic in American pop culture. When I was little, my dad had a pair of what are clubmaster sunnies today and I remembered how he looked SO cool in them. It was that effortless look that I most loved then and still love today.

Today I'm comparing two of their classic sunnies - the clubmaster and the wayfarer.

Pictured below is the Classic Clubmaster Sunnies 49mm (Tortoise/Arista Frame/Crystal Green Lens). 

This one is the new wayfarer sunnies with tortoise frames and black lenses.


Clubmaster - These glasses are crafted really nicely and the attention to small details is evident in the design. It also feels very sturdy in my hands and all the screws are perfectly in line. Everything from the gold rim to the nose bridge is secure and tight.

New Wayfarer - Solid acetate frames, lightweight and crafted well. The plastic is thick and sturdy and the hinges are strong and secure. It's slightly heavier than the clubmasters but not by much. 


Clubmaster - Retro, sleek, unique. Wears really well on my face, and doesn't fall off. The nose bridge support fits perfectly and I don't find myself having to push the glasses up. The lenses are a tortoise tint and isn't dark. In fact, it's much lighter than I envisioned but I really like it. To others, it's very dark and they can't see your eyes (which I love!). In bright sunny days, these shades won't cover the glare of the sun but everything will be a little greenish. 

New Wayfarer - Sharp, much more subtle than the original Wayfarer's. They sit on my face with a lot of ease. Compared to the Clubmaster's, this pair doesn't have a sharp angle with all the metal hardware. Super durable as well. I've had these for about 4 years now and they're still great. I use them constantly. I got the ones with the grey lens. It's much darker than the green tint so during the summer I constantly use these over the Clubmaster's.

Through the lens - Clubmaster's

New Wayfarer

The New Wayfarer's have more "bulk" compared to the Clubmaster's but I don't really mind it as long as it's in a case. Both are very lightweight anyway. The Clubmaster's are great casual sunnies that I take with me everywhere. Such a classic look that transcends time. Very lightweight and folds very flat so no bulky carry case either. You can easily slip them in a cover and it'll protect them. I think both look best with a bright lippie! 


New Wayfarers 

Both of these sunglasses are perfect for me and I tend to interchange them depending on my mood. I think they both present two very different looks but both equally flattering and practical. The New Wayfarers look more polished whereas the Clubmaster's are a little more "hipster". Both are great though and I don't think I could choose between the two! 

Price-wise, Ray Ban's are perfectly situated in the lower priced end of "high end" lenses. Each pair of these were less than $150, making it very affordable for someone who doesn't want to sacrifice style for quality and vice versa. They are readily available on Amazon, eye wear stores and online.

I may experiment with the Ray Ban Aviators sometime in the future but from past try-on's, they're not very flattering on me. These fit my round face frame a lot better. 

What is your go-to brand of sunglasses? Low end v High end make a difference?


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