Review: Wet n' Wild Balm Stain

I saw these balm stains on sale at my local Rite Aid and decided to give them a try. Unfortunately, all colors were sold out except for A Stiff Pink and Red-dy or Not. Fortunately, those two are SPOT ON colors that I absolutely love and have been wearing daily since purchasing them!

This review is for A Pink Stiff because the red shade is sitting at home ;)


This lip balm seriously defies new heights in lipstick heaven! It's part gloss, part balm, part stain. I think that's pretty comprehensive in such a small package! Wet n' Wild describes this balm as a stain that is moisturizing - a very different texture compared to the typical lip stains that dry our lips.

As you can see, it's a pretty opaque color. I found the texture to be very balmy and glossy and just the perfect amount of staining on the lips. As for serious moisture, it's not. The darker the color, the less moisturizing it is but it's still better than other commercially made product I've tried. 

Firstly, I enjoy the packaging and the small size of the pencil. Personally, I do not like the cap but it does have a snap-on mechanism so it's not that bad, however it's quite flimsy still. Other than the cap issue, I also LOVE that it's a twist-on instead of having to sharpen. The stick makes it so much easier to apply, with preciseness and no waste. I honestly think that is a benefit in itself! Like a lipstick in pencil form that's not lip liner. Very fun to use.

As you can see, it's a blue-based pink. Very flattering on any skin tone. Can you see the glossiness in the swatch? It's not super glossy on my lips but there is very pretty sheen that's lustry looking and healthy. I truly love this color so much! I really want to get the dark vampy red but it was already all sold out -_- OH WELL. You can't have everything! haha 

These babies cost a mere $2.99 for regular price. If that's not a steal, I don't know what is! I guess technically I got mine for 50% off retail, that's more of a steal ;) 

I really like the plum-ish pink kind of color. It's pretty and close to my natural lip color. It looks extremely light in its packaging which is a flaw because after 2 or 3 coats, it turns into a darker shade. That also could be my lip chemistry as yeah. 

Here's my lip after a couple of hours. Regular drinking, some eating. I just pat my mouth instead of aggressively wiping it. Color still nice, and see-able. 

After 5+ hours. From morning to mid-afternoon, this lip color is officially a stain. No dry patches, no flakiness from my experience so far. 

I think I am going to try and get more of these when I can. These may not be a super glam brand, but the lip colors are wonderful and the shade selection is very modest. Lots of natural lip colors to choose from! Price-wise, these are affordable as hell. 

Comparing this to the Nars Satin lip pencils, I honestly think the Wet n' Wild ones are far more long lasting and have a similar lustre formula. The color selection is not as vast as Nars but for a lower price point, these are really spot on! They really satisfied my jumbo lip pencil craving ;) 

Have you tried these balm stains? Do you like them? :)


Week in Photos

Spring blooms. Beautiful! 

Roasted tomatoes, heirloom asparagus and carrots. 

Wine with friends.

My favorite flowers - tulips! Beautiful and bright.

Day old Starbucks coffee + gelatin = coffee jelly! 

Enjoyed a strawberry flavored Ritter bar. Fab! 

Teehee, says the cat. 

Sunrise on a Friday. 

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend ahead! 


DIY Lip Gloss in 4 Easy Steps

Hellllo beautes!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! After perusing Pinterest, I got really inspired to make my own DIY lip gloss. It is one of the easiest things you can make and with things you already have at home!!! How awesome is that?

There are several variations of base you can use instead of vaseline. You can use a combination of coconut oil, honey and olive oil. I stuck with vaseline first to try it out. I'll be doing the coconut oil and honey in my next project  ;) If you want to make lip balm, add some beeswax to harden the texture.

Things you will need:

1. Contact lens case or little jars
2. Wooden sticks for scooping and stiring
3. Pigmented lipstick of your choice
4. Lip Balm with peppermint oil

Use an empty container or contact lens case. I used both.

STEP 1: Scoop some Vaseline out! 

Step 2: Scoop out the vaseline with your stick and transfer it into the jar. I kind of eyeballed it. The more vaseline you use, the more thinner your mixture will be. 

Step 3: Add your favorite pigmented lipstick! I used my pot of OCC Vintage Red lip tar because this shade is a bit dry. I also did one with Revlon's Fuchsia Fusion as well.

And one last thing (optional). I didn't have any essential oil so I opted for Jack Black's lip balm for some peppermint flavor. You can easily do this if you buy peppermint oil or any other flavor that suits your fancy.

Clean up the edges and that's it! Stupid easy, right? :)

 And now...the verdict. How did it come out? Is the consistency any good? Pigmentation good? Glossy?

After a few hours.

I love it! The OCC Lip Tar has thinned out nicely making it much more wearable and not dry. It's glossy, pigmentation is wonderful, and consistency is perfect. I was able to wear this for hours with my lips feeling nice and balmy with color! Once the shine is gone, it turns into a really pretty lip stain.

So will you be making your own? :) 


Review: Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara

Loreal's Million Lashes Mascara is not new in the market. In fact, it's been around for years and this is my 2nd tube of it in the last few years.

Packaging wise, this mascara is striking. From its shiny gloss to its gold tube, you walk into a drug store and you're automatically noticing it! 

A bit bulky in my opinion, but performance is really what counts. So how does it perform?

It delivered in terms of what a mascara should do, such as defining the lashes and giving it some oomph.  The formula is on the drier side but not as dry as the Tarte one. I think it's the ginormous wand - it doesn't seem to suit the formulation of the mascara. My lashes felt a bit clumpy and flakes after a few hours. 

The good thing about the mascara is that it reaches out to every single lash. Personally, I prefer very thin wands to really get the maximized effect on lengthening ;) However, it's still a decent mascara and defines my lashes really well, as non existent as they are! 

What I didn't like about it is the clumping, the flaking and wand. My favorite no-fail mascara is the Loreal Telescopic. More recently, I'm LOVING Japanese mascaras. The only thing is the waterproof formula, but I've been using jojoba oil to remove it and it's really easy and non fussy. I'll have to write a review on them alone ;)

Have you tried this mascara before? Or any other Loreal one you love?


Say Hey!

Hi lovelies! Here are some Instagram photos over the weekend and into the week. Just thought I'd share :) Come say hi to me on Instagram if you haven't already! I'm just getting on that thing now, haha :) My handle is englishbreakfast_t

Nails I'm currently sporting :) Loreal Violet and Now You Sea Me.

Healthy eating from Whole Foods! My trio of quinoa, and a baby kale salad. Delish!

Coffee from Philz. It's a Bay Area chain that I'm kind of hooked on. I love it!

Another coffee shop that I visited. This was a regular latte :)

Took a walk around my neighborhood over the weekend. It was such a gorgeous day outside.

A random sunset in California


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