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Mini Cooper SE Convertible to Electric

Mini Cooper SE Convertible to Electric

Mini Cooper SE Convertible, the latest addition to the Mini family, now fully electric. Last summer, Mini showcased a one-off electric convertible concept, which received such an overwhelming response from the public that BMW-owned Mini decided to put the idea into production, with a limited run of just 999 vehicles.

The Mini Cooper SE Convertible is available in two colors, White Silver and Enigmatic Black, and all models come with door handles, light surrounds and grille surround finished in Resolute Bronze, making it a truly unique and stylish car.

Equipped with a single electric motor that puts out 184 hp (135 kW) and works the front wheels, the Mini Cooper SE Convertible can reach a top speed of 100 km/h in just 8.2 seconds, providing a fun driving experience. However, with a WLTP claimed range of 125 miles (201 km), drivers may want to exercise some caution with their right foot, as this range can only be achieved with careful driving and favorable conditions.

The Mini Cooper SE Convertible's 32.6 kWh battery is the same as that used in the non-convertible Cooper SE, providing drivers with a similar driving experience, but with the added thrill of driving an electric car.

With 17-inch wheels fully made from recycled aluminum and an electrically operated soft top that can fold and unfold on the move - as long as the car stays below 30 km/h - the Mini Cooper SE Convertible is the perfect blend of sustainability and style.

The limited run of 999 units will be available for sale in Europe only, starting in April, and will be manufactured in the Netherlands. It's exciting to see Mini listening to its customers and bringing to market a car that was never intended for production.

Looking to the future, a new generation of electric Mini will have its own convertible version, set to hit the market in 2025. With a dedicated EV platform developed in partnership with Great Wall Motor company from China, this version will offer more power and range, with up to 221 hp and a range of up to 400 km (250 miles) with the 50 kWh battery. The electric Mini may just be the perfect city car for the environmentally-conscious driver who loves style, speed and sustainability.

source : bmw

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