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Rivian is recalling almost every electric truck it has produced so far

 Rivian is recalling the R1T and R1S electric trucks, as well as its EDV electric vehicle, due to a potentially dislodged fastener that could cause it to lose control. 

California Motors explains that the issue is so rare that it's only seen in seven vehicles, but the recall effort affects nearly every electric truck owned by the company. -built EVs, about 13,000 cars. including 12,212 delivered to customers. "As of September 28, 2022, Rivian has become aware of seven reports that may be related to the issue collected during Rivian's vehicle manufacturing," the company said in a statement provided to Green Car Reports Friday evening. "It was determined that the cause of the problem was a very poor quality." 

Specifically, according to a recall document filed with NHTSA and released Saturday morning, a fastener connects the front upper control panel to the steering wheel. All affected vehicles were manufactured by September 27, 2022 and are from the 2022 model year, the only model year Rivian has delivered to date. 

"While we have only seen seven possible reports of this issue in our fleet to date, one is significant," said CEO RJ Scaringe, in a letter sent to all Rivian customers yesterday. "It's important not to underestimate the potential dangers and why we're dedicating ourselves to this memorial," Scaringe later added. "In rare cases, the nut may come out completely." 

Warning signs of separation - in rare cases - will be excessive noise, vibration and stiffness in front of the suspension and/or changes in steering performance. This recall will be the first major test for Rivian's field service, as it includes a personal inspection, ​​by a trained professional, of each vehicle in the hands of customers. While this is an annoying physical repair issue that can't be fixed by an over-the-air update, it doesn't affect the Rivian's main battery, motor, or electronics. So far, Rivian has announced only one minor recall - a possible child airbag sensor problem affecting about 500 vehicles, announced last May. American start-up Lucid, also a company that will develop its own service, faced a recall of 1,117 Air electric sedans earlier this year due to dashboard wiring. For this new recall, customers are encouraged to call 855-748-4265 to schedule a phone service appointment, or they can bring their truck to a Rivian Service Center. Scaringe made it clear that the company "will also include pop-up areas in high-density areas for additional coverage." 

In most cases, this process only takes a few minutes and is as simple as tightening the screws "to a high torque tolerance". Rivian says that for those rare occasions where parts are needed to be replaced, loaner vehicles will be provided and the vehicle will be delivered to the service center.

source : https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1137421_rivian-recalls-nearly-every-electric-truck-it-s-built-so-far

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