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Renault 4EVER Trophy Special EV for off-road

 Renault 4EVER Trophy Special EV for off-road

Renault 4 reincarnation is a serious off- road electric auto that's designed to fight across the desert in the periodic 4L jewel philanthropic rally that takes place in Morocco. The rally was innovated 25 times agone and there's only one demand- actors need to drive a Renault 4.

4EVER Trophy 

Renault 4EVER jewel is an EV ready for serious off- road adventures
As similar, the Renault 4EVER jewel is just a prototype, the product auto wo n’t be coming with any of the off- road gear- but according to the company, what we see in gray makeup, is the factual product-ready Renault 4. The auto will be a compact crossover, it'll be of course each- electric and we should see it in the showrooms some time in 2024.

The 4EVER jewel is a brute of a auto, with its huge off- road bus and tires, spare wheel on the roof, sturdy fenders and side protections with solid hook- up points this isn't a megacity auto. The ground concurrence looks to be enough to get the auto over any terrain and across gutters.

The roof rack holds the spare tire and there are life- saving blin- boards strapped to the hinder door together with a shovel. The wheel trip is 20 cm, the out- road tires wrap 19 ” skirtings and the bottom gets redundant durable protection plates to keep the battery safe. The hood comes with a giant air conduit that helps to keep the radiator cool and out of the way of any monuments this radiator keeps the battery at its optimal temperature anyhow of the driving conditions.

The unborn Renault 4 SUV, just like the prototype, will be grounded on the CMF- BEV platform, which it'll partake with the forthcoming Renault 5. The company compares the two buses to Renault Clio and Renault Captur- one will be a compact hatchback, the other bone will be a medium- sized crossover.

Renault 4 will be erected in France, at the ElectriCity manufacturing mecca, alongside the Renault 5. Will we ever see the product interpretation of the 4EVER jewel? This is Renault we're talking about then, and actually- everything is possible. The CEO mentioned, during moment’s conference, that the frenetic- as- hell electric Renault 5 Turbo may go into product if there's enough interest.

With the Jeep unveiling its electric Avenger this morning, Renault may take it upon itself to contend in the small off- road able SUV member and the Renault 4 may come in a limited edition as the 4EVER jewel- it just shows how flexible electric vehicle platforms are.


Length: 4,160 mm
Width: 1,950 mm
Height: 1,900 mm

Wheelbase: 2,570 mm

Front and rear tyres: 255/55R19

Powertrain: full-electric, wound rotor

source : renault 

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