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Mercedes unveils the Vision EQXX concept, which achieves an impressive range of 1,000 km

Mercedes unveils the Vision EQXX concept, which achieves an impressive range of 1,000 km (620 miles). Range is a significant issue with electric vehicles (EVs), along with slow charging times. However, the two are connected, as having enough battery power to reach your destination makes charging time less important. Mercedes and Chinese EV maker Nio are currently in a range race, with Nio's ET5 projected to exceed the 1,000 km mark when it ships later this year.

Mercedes' Vision EQXX is a concept vehicle, and the automaker has not guaranteed that the range it achieved with this concept car will carry over to a future production model. The car's record-breaking drag coefficient of 0.17, lower than the already impressive 0.20 of the EQS, probably contributes to the 1,000 km range. EVs need to expend two-thirds of their electric energy to overcome air resistance, making drag reduction vital for range optimization.

The Vision EQXX emphasizes efficiency, with 95% of the battery energy reaching the wheels. The car boasts a maximum power output of 150 kW or 201 hp, and the battery has a capacity of 900V and 100 kWh, with an energy density of 200 Wh/kg or 400 Wh/l. The company increased energy density without increasing the battery's size or weight by using silicon anodes and lightweight materials from Formula One. The car weighs only 1,750 kg in total, with the battery accounting for 495 kg.

Mercedes equipped the Vision EQXX with 117 solar cells on its roof that can generate up to 25 km of extra range for long-distance journeys. The solar energy is stored in a lithium-iron-phosphate battery, which powers the car's climate blower, lights, and infotainment system. The concept also has a heat pump that recovers waste heat from the drivetrain and an external heat exchanger that draws heat from the ambient air to increase the operating temperature range.

Inside, the Vision EQXX uses eco-friendly materials, such as mushroom leather, bamboo carpets, and vegan silk door pulls, to achieve luxurious interior design without using animal products. The car's 47.5-inch mini-LED display features 3,000 local dimming zones and "8K" resolution with the first real-time 3D navigation system on a screen of this size. The Hey Mercedes assistant function is also more emotional, with a distinct character and personality. While the Vision EQXX is a concept, it demonstrates the direction Mercedes is heading in with its future EV models.

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