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Hello everyone! My name is Jen and I am the writer/editor behind Rainy Days & Lattes. Welcome to my little space in the interwebs! 

Rainy Days & Lattes was originally a personal blog conceived in early 2010 to document makeup/skincare yays and nays in a chronological form as a way to suppress my slight OCD for experimentation with products I loved and products that were just okay. However, throughout the course of 2010, this blog has evolved to something with a deeper focus on said experiments. A new beauty blog was born!

Why beauty blogging...? My most poignant memories were always with something beautiful that I could admire, whether it be a lipstick, a hand cream or a perfume. Sensations from these memories are a constant reminder that beauty isn't always vain; it is about absolute individualism.

And a bit of background about me: I currently reside in SF Bay Area, and have a grown-up job in the Accounting. I grew up in SoCal and spent youth there, before moving across the state for University and living wondrously like a coming-of-age film.  I never dipped my curiosity in cosmetics and skincare until my first few years at the University. Even then, I was not absorbing the full potential of what that meant! I started experimenting with drugstore cosmetics and skincare, and that ignited my passion for all sorts of beauty products, low end to high end. It wasn't to hoard materialistic items - but rather - to empower myself with knowledge, and ironically, find oneself. The journey to learning about myself was the discovery of things that made me feel powerful, knowledgeable, and confident.

In my day to day, I use a well rounded mix of low to high end cosmetics and skincare. I don't have a bias when it comes to such things, and from experience, dishing out the big bucks doesn't always equate to better quality (mostly just aesthetics). I pride myself on being budget conscious and firmly believe that a high price tag is not always the answer. With that said, experimentation is always key.

On the off key, I am a huge bookie - I enjoy everything from classical literature to modern thrills. I am also an amateur fiction writer, and I specifically love allusions, paradoxes, alliterations, and irony.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy and continue to read my blog. All your comments and support have given me much inspiration to do what I love!


Email: jen.lavenders{at} gmail.com
Twitter: @engbreakfast_t
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