Friday, March 25, 2016

Review: Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

Skincare or makeup...?

Clarins claims that it's both, because they use nourishing oils in these glosses so it helps heal your lips while glossing you up. The skincare benefit is probably the only thing redeeming about this!

I have been using this gloss for a better part of a few days and the scent of vanilla is still wafting my senses. Part of me really wants to love it but another part of me feels like this is an expensive knockoff of a cheap product.

Rose Shimmer (01) is a shimmery pale pink shade goes on pink but spreads out clear.

This gloss is housed in a squeeze tube sponge doe-foot applicator. It's easy to use, but i'm not the biggest fan of the packaging. I would much rather it have its own wand. 

The texture of this gloss feels quite thick, and stays put on the lips. It feels a bit more sticky and tacky than other lip glosses I've tried, and the scent is very noticeable. I don't really enjoy the vanilla scent too much - it's very strong and artificial smelling. 

One of the main ingredients in this gloss is shea, which explains its thick texture. Other ingredients include vegetable waxes, licorice and wild mango - those of which are supposed to plump your lips to a fuller thicker look. 

I wasn't very impressed by this. It was a bit too sticky for my liking by itself, but i think it would make a great base for making your lipstick last longer. Aside from that, it just felt like I had a gloopy film on my lips and wasn't comfortable.

The shimmers are really beautiful though! My lips look pinker and brighter, without the glittery mess. The gorgeous sheen is made of silver/white-ish shimmers. 

I wanted so much to like this but unfortunately it wasn't for me. I have tried far more superior products that cost much less than this. 

+ Pretty shimmers

- Expensive
-Sticky/Tacky Texture
- Not hydrating
- Strong Artificial Scent


Kay (shoesandglitter) said...

Thank you for the honest review, hun! I think that the shades are gorgeous, but I couldn't stand the artificial scent so I definitely see where you're coming from! I will probably give these a miss, so thank you for sharing your honest thoughts with us. :) <3


sleepandwater said...

Sad to hear you didn't like this! I have one of them in 02 I think...and it's actually one of my favourite glosses. I just love the formula - I find it really plush and moisturising, plus the effect it has is super pretty on the lips. Oh well, I guess different strokes for different folks!

Sangeeta said...

The shimmers are so fine that they look gorgeous.