Saturday, March 19, 2016

Boudin SF - Limited Time Spring Menu and Blogger Meetup!

A few days ago, i attended a local blogger event catered to foodies and yum enthusiasts! To say the least, it was a very lovely event filled with so much wine, beer and FOOD, 

Boudin is a popular San Francisco based bakery known for its sourdough bread, bread bowls and soups. Situated on the ever famous Fisherman's Wharf, Boudin has taken away at the hearts of so many locals and tourists alike! So much that they have expanded to create Bakery Cafes up and down California for people to enjoy their food and offerings without having to be in SF. 

We met Corporate Chef Alan who introduced 4 new menu items for the spring. They are four refreshing salads, completely made to order, and most importantly, actually tasty.
They gave us a pairings with pinot gris, chardonnay and a pinot noir. I've never thought to pair red wine with salads but some of the salads were very hearty and robust and paired deliciously!

This one is the Forbidden Rice & Chicken Sesame salad. This one has a base of baby spinach leaves, forbidden black rice, all natural chicken, granny smith apples, goat cheese, garbanzo beans, picked red onions with house made sesame dressing. This salad was excellent - rich and fulfilling, The forbidden rice and garbanzo beans had a lot of texture in contrast to the baby spinach. 

This one below was one of my favorites. The mango and red quinoa salad with sliced almonds, goat cheese and mango citrus vinaigrette. It has baby arugula and sliced romaine lettuce . The peppery notes of the baby arugula was so perfect with the fresh mango pieces. Red quinoa added some color and interest while the pickled onions were sweet and tart. Perfect balance of flavors. 

The lemony couscous salad has a base of spring mix, Israeli couscous, feta, garbanzo beans, grape tomatoes, olives, cucumber, roasted red peppers, red onion in a creamy lemon dressing topped off with fresh parsley to add brightness. This was such a refreshing salad and with interesting textures like garbanzo and couscous together! If they replaced the spring salad with a heartier leafy green, that would have been the perfect meal! 

Lastly, but never the least, this is the Bacon, Blue and Beets salad. This was definitely one of my favorites because it seems like a classic cob with a twist. Included in here is a base of spring mix, natural chicken, red onions, roasted golden and red beets with applewood smoked bacon pieces, blue cheese, spiced walnuts and the ever classic ranch dressing. This hearty salad is definitely a crowd please because it has all of the best things in one salad. Who could say no to apple wood smoked bacon, spiced walnuts and GOLDEN roasted beets? It was the best! The spiced walnuts were sweet and brought some contrast to the smoky salty bacon. Oh and croutons. Who doesn't love that? A very balanced, well rounded MEAL.

All of their salads had one interesting element - it was all about the texture. Every salad had something interesting in it, like quinoa or garbanzo or couscous. Pair this with a soup, this would make for a shareable meal that offers value, outstanding ingredients and a healthy variety. You can't get better than that if you have to be mindful of what you're eating outside. This provides a convenient and easy choice when you're at Boudin and looking for something healthy with a ton of variety that's as satisfying as it is hearty.

Their cute little sourdough turtles :)

Thank you Boudin for hosting such a fun event! I also met fellow blogger Ngoc from San Jose Food Blog!!! :) It was awesome.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! :)

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Hannah said...

I LOVE Boudin! I grew up in Daly City, but have visited Fisherman's Wharf a few times since moving to Sac 15 years ago, and I love their clam chowder! That Bacon, Blue and Beets salad would be my favorite because I love bacon and beets, and I prefer creamy dressing over the tangy vinaigrettes. Oh man that's making my mouth water. Thanks for posting!