Saturday, February 27, 2016

hada labo gokujyun | review

Over the past few months, my skincare routine has reduced significantly. Namely to these two super amazing products from Hada Labo's Gokukyun line - the clear toning lotion and the milk. 

My skin has mostly been parched from dehydration and the cold, and these two have attributed to much more supple and hydrated skin, healthy to the touch and clear. I'm very pleased with these and am surprised how readily available they are due to their popularity. 

The main ingredient in this line is the hyaluronic acid, which draws in moisture and locks it, retaining that hydration on your skin for hours. I have used a lot of products that contain hyaluronic acid in it but I find that Hada Labo does it best. They claim their products retain 2x the amount of HA, making it even that more effective. 

After cleansing my skin, I apply this clear toning lotion on my face. It is completely alcohol-free and very moisturizing. It acts as a base to absorb the next product, which is the milky lotion. Some days I find that just this is enough to keep my skin hydrated until I go to bed. Then I apply the milk for that extra hydration overnight.  I really love this clear lotion because it is scent free and actually does what it claims. Even 2-3 hours in, my skin is still hydrated and healthy feeling. 

This is the 2nd thing I apply after using the clear lotion. This lotion is fantastic! Once I have it on, my skin transforms from being dry and neglected to the same result as wearing a mask for 15 mins. It's SO moisturizing. I seriously love this stuff and my skin just drinks it up. Overnight, it does its magic and my skin feels really soft the next morning, as if I had a really good night's sleep. Absolutely LOVE it! I find that this milky lotion is a lot richer than the clear lotion and has a creamier texture than the clear lotion making it a little richer but just as "watery" so you get the same hydrating results.

I have purchased refills at Japanese stores that come in refill bags so I don't have to buy the bottle again. I love that! It's so convenient for me and also very eco friendly. One of the nice things about these products is that they are fragrance free, alcohol free and of any colors making it perfect for people with sensitive skin to use. Some nights i do use Retin-A so I use this in conjunction with that to keep my skin from drying out overnight. The results are actually quite good. I am very happy with it and am so glad to find a very low maintenance way to care for my skin at its most basic level.

From time to time, I do add serums in the mix, and facial oils (which are my LIFE) to boost up the radiance levels ;)  But for basic, low maintenance skin care, Hada Labo has been my go-to for maximum hydration. You also cannot beat the price - both are under $15 USD on Amazon. If you live in Asia, I'm sure you can get it for much less. Not a big investment to spend on quality skincare :)

Do you like Hada Labo? What are your favorite products from them?


Cassandrapamela said...

Yessss I like Hada Labo! It was the first skincare line I used during my teenage time. I still have the toner and lotion until now though, I still use it sometimes ^^

Cathy Cook said...

Oh wow. I need to try some Hado Labo products! I haven't tried anything from them yet, but I keep hearing great things. I'll definitely put these on my list for later. :)

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

You should def try it if it's accessible :)

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

That's so awesome! I wish I had that during my teenaged years!!!