Sunday, December 13, 2015

What Did You Buy With Your Sephora VIB Giftcard?

I was on the fence about this one because I made three prior orders from Sephora (LOL...bad planning on my part). So my fourth and final order of the year, I wasn't sure what I actually wanted. Until I did. It's back to basics with a new foundation and some concealers.

I'm actually quite excited to try this foundation because Clinique is one of my trusted brands when it comes to skincare. This foundation doubles as a concealer and comes in a ginormous concealer packaging, which is a first I've seen. I like wands a lot, and I think it definitely helps with convenience and precision. We shall see.

I've only heard great things about the Tarte concealer. It's supposed to be non-creasing! Super excited to try it! 

I also added this to my cart because a lot of people said it is comparable to the Nars concealer. I've tried the Nars concealer, and many others like it, so we'll see how the Sephora one lives up.

Have you tried any of these? :) 

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