Friday, November 6, 2015

Battle of the Oils: Josie Maran, Algenist, Ole Henriksen, Tarte Maracuja Oil

If you guys read my blog regularly, you'll know that I am a huge fan of rich creams, oils and serum treatments for a nighttime routine. Our bodies repair itself at its height during our sleep cycle, and I truly believe that's when quality skincare works its magic on us. 

That's why I have an obsessions with oils. So much so that I buy loads of them at once. Pictured above are 4 oils that are currently on rotation right now. They're all about 90% empty. Not pictured is my favorite marula oil, which is also in rotation as well.

I liked this oil, but didn't like it as much as I wanted to. I have many argan oils I've purchased in the past and was reluctant to try this one because it's pricey for what it is. I get the cold pressed, organic 100% Argan oil from health stores and it's a much better value than this one. Aside from the price, this didn't absorb into skin - it just sat on top and didn't feel very light, despite its name. 

I also wanted to LOVE this product but unfortunately it was anything but. The scent is way too overwhelming and not one bit soothing. It has a very sharp citrus scent that lingers for hours. I felt that the oil quality was actually quite good, and it absorbed into my skin fairly quickly, but it is very oily... not smooth like other oils. Another thing I didn't like about this is the bright orange color. A good thing about this product is that I noticed less redness in the mornings, probably because of the potent vitamin C in it, and possibly omega oils. I actually wouldn't mind adding a drop or so of this oil to a moisturizer to see if it's any better.

Of the bunch, I have to say this oil is is one of my favorites. It really absorbs super quick, and has helped with my acne a lot. Whenever my skin felt like it was going to wreak havoc, I apply this on at night and it calms my skin down. I don't know why that is, but it just works incredibly! This definitely has a healing property to it. It's even lightened some of the blemish marks on my face.
In conjunction with a light moisturizer, adding this on top has been a staple for me the past few months. 

This oil is really unique because it is advertised as an "anti-aging" oil which is really interesting. This is actually my favorite of the bunch because it is extremely lightweight but also powerful. It moisturizes really well and has a nice subtle scent. I only apply a bit of it onto my skin when I'm on a flight and it's given my skin a glow. I think this oil really helps combat tired stressed skin and repairs it well. Perfect "reset" oil for tired skin. The only thing is that this product is extremely expensive, at nearly $80 for 1 ounce. OUCH!

What are your favorite OILS? :)

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