Friday, October 16, 2015

Review: Glasses Shop Spectacles

Happy Friday lovelies! 

My favorite time of the week and getting ready to cozy up this weekend and clean the house.

Accessories a big part of day to day, especially for us women. We use jewelry to enhance our outfits, hair bands to make a statement, scarves and gloves to keep warm. And glasses? We use it both to convey a certain look and to see. 

Glasses Shop * is an online retailer that sells very affordable prescription glasses. They remind me so much of Firmoo, remember them? I wrote a post back in 2012 (here). Both websites seem so similar!

The folks at Glasses Shop offered to send me a pair to try and I was quite excited to try a different style. I ordered the Camino Rectangle pair and it came in about a month later. 

Packaging is really simple. The glasses were housed in a thin see-through plastic box, which included a microfiber wipe. It came bubble wrapped to me and arrived safely.

The glasses are exactly what I ordered! It feels very lightweight, and has a matte frame. I don't feel like they're extremely sturdy, but they do look and feel quite nice. The color of the frame is very true to what it looks like on the website, so I'm pleasantly happy about that. 

The frames are plastic and the construction of the frames is pretty straightforward. I didn't have any issues with the way it felt when i wore them, except that the nose bridge part is a bit loose, but not too bad. I think I should be able to tighten them. Sits nicely on my face without slippage and comfortable enough for hours. The lens is made from plastic and is actually quite thick because of my prescription. I wish they offered to make the lens thinner because my eyes felt very tired after a few hours. 

The frame looks great. I like how it looks on me, and I typically do not wear glasses like this but I do like the nerdy-chic look :) Fits comfortably around my face and looks like it isn't too big or too small. One advantage of the site is that they list the exact sizing in width and height, so it makes it easier to know what you don't want. 

I do like these glasses, and I think they'll hold up with continued wear. The only downfall is perhaps waiting for them to come if you want them right away. Other online reviewers have said it's taken 3 weeks to a month to get them, but they're cheap, there is a large selection and if you're willing to wait, then it's not a bad deal at all :) They also offer a range of sunglasses as well, so do check it out!

One recommendation I will make is to make sure your prescription is accurate and take it to an eye place to get it fitted if it feels odd. The glasses should never make you feel dizzy or uncomfortable, and it's also normal that your eyes feel more strained the longer you wear glasses. Also make sure your PD (pupillary distance) is accurate as that will affect how you see through your lenses. 

Have you ordered glasses from an online retailer before? What are your thoughts? :)

*sample was sent to me for consideration

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