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Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation: Reviews, swatches and before/after!

A little while ago I reviewed the Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation on the blog and I gave it rave reviews because of its weightless feel and watery texture. Simultaneously I've been using the Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation to compare since they are both in the same league of high end foundations.  While I like the Nude Air one, the fragrance is a bit too strong for my liking and I much prefer the Maestro foundation for a variety of reasons, including texture and length of wear.

The packaging of this foundation is so gorgeous. I really love dropper applicators a LOT. I noticed one similarity that dropper foundations have and it's the consistency of the liquid. They are usually very liquidy and "serum-like", much like a nighttime moisturizer. I love this gorgeous glass bottle in all its simplicity. It looks really sophisticated and not at all messy in any way. 

The GA Maestro foundation uses a combination of volatile oils and pigments to allow for really great coverage using very little. When I first tested this foundation out, I noticed immediately that you only need a tiny amount to cover the surface of your skin. Because of its watery form, it spreads and adheres to skin very easily. 

Texture-wise, it feels very silicone-y, too smooth and waterless. It has a really soft pliable texture, meaning you can move it around your face before it sets. It dries to a complete powder-matte finish, even with a thin coat. I do like the smooth texture, but because of that, it isn't very hydrating so I would recommend using a hydrating primer or a moisturizer underneath to get a better "grip" of the product on your skin. 

The length of wear on this foundation surpassed what I thought it would be - it kept the oils at bay for a good 8 hours in the office. Going out, it lasts about 4 hours on me before I have to blot, but otherwise a fair compromise for a foundation. 

One thing I didn't really like about this is the fact that dries to a very powdery finish, which makes me think this foundation is great for people with oilier skin. I have combination skin so some parts look amazing while other parts show its dryness. 

Around my nose, you can see the peeling of the skin! YUCK. I didn't like that at all. So after that, I wore moisturizers underneath and that problem went away but you have to be active about it because if you don't, the above happens! 

A bit of dryness on my cheek and nose as you can see. I had one layer of foundation on, but the powder finish requires a lot of hydration. 

Once i used a moisturizer, I felt that the foundation absorbed a lot of the oils and it turned out looking much more soft and nicer. Not a dewy finish but more of a satin finish.

Before/After with a moisturizer

My skin looks and feels a lot more hydrated, making me really love the foundation even though i had to remember this step! Oh well, it's a good habit to moisturize though.

Compared to the Dior Nude Air foundation, I much prefer this one because it feels less oily than the Nude Air. This one isn't heavily scented and lasts a lot longer.

Overall, I really love this foundation, and I feel that the color match was really good. I typically don't cake on a lot of foundation and 1 layer is enough for me to judge whether it's good or not. In this case, one layer of this is pigmented enough to even out skin tone and get minimize the look of pores. Spreads very evenly and the texture is smooth to the touch. The coverage is buildable, and easy to use. The thinness of the foundation makes it feel like you have nothing on. 
Would I buy this again? Maybe. It is a very pricey investment at around $64.00 USD a bottle. 

Have you tried the GA Maestro Foundation? What do you think? :)

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