Sunday, September 27, 2015

Review: Simple Micellar Water

When my skin went crazy a few months back, I started to question my cleansing routine which wasn't robust but did the job. I was introduced to Micellar water a few weeks ago and I haven't looked back since. I have been using this water non-stop morning and night and I THINK it's helped my skin. 

Simple is a no frills brand, designing skincare that is neither flashy nor gimmicky, and just like their name suggests, simple ingredients that quietly take effect to normalize your skin.
Simple Micellar Water claims to thoroughly cleanse skin using triple purified water that has skin-loving ingredients and multi vitamins (C and b3, etc)

I apply a double cleansing method when I clean my skin. I start off with an oil to prep my skin, then use a gentle cleanser to clean it off. Afterwards, i use a small cotton square with the micellar water and apply it all over my face & neck. It's so satisfying, and refreshing! My skin doesn't feel dried out, or flaky. It feels very supple and balanced. I use a serum immediately afterwards (I'm testing out Clinique's Repair Wear Laser Focus right now...will review for you guys soon!)

I had to use about 5 (i could get away with 4) cotton squares to completely remove the lipsticks. These are all dark lipsticks from my last post  and the swatches are pretty intense. The first square did a pretty good job at taking off a lot of the lipstick, and the 2nd and 3rd removed the rest. It's pretty awesome right?!? My cotton squares (from Target) are super thin, so I think a regular cotton round would require less. 

This micellar water looks extremely simple and feels just like water, but it is so effective. I am SO impressed with this product. It truly is simple, and I got 2 bottles straight away - one for home, and one in my gym bag :) 

Even though i could remove my makeup with 5 of these cotton squares, I still feel more comfortable using a facial cleanser to remove my makeup. It's just a ritual I enjoy more and something I feel is more effective. This particular micellar water is gentle and great at removing excess makeup that my cleanser may have missed and I feel doubly clean afterwards :)

Have you tried Micellar Water? How does this compare with French brand Bioderma? 

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