Sunday, September 13, 2015

Most Used Summertime Faves... Oldies!

Some of my favorite summer staples aren't new things I purchased or received; in fact, I actually took a break from buying new makeup. So my only option is shopping my stash and finding a lot of gems I would have otherwise forgetten :) 

For the past few months, I've been adorning pinks. It's such a bright color for the summer and so appropriate for any day of the week, and especially with traveling. 

Revlon's UltraHD Lip Laquer is seriously one of the best lip gloss formulas I've ever tried. I got a few different shades earlier this year and was so impressed by the opacity and longevity of the gloss. I've always loved Revlon's lipgloss formulas but this one really takes the hat. I absolutely LOVE.
I've been using the shade Petalite - it is a rosy coral pink with gold micro shimmers. The color lasted me about 3.5-4 hours without reapplying. Leaves a subtle rose stain on the lips after 4 hours. 
What i love about this is the precision lip brush applicator. I love doe foot applicators too but I feel more control using a brush. It goes on evenly without much effort and has a gorgeous creamy finish. The formulation is such that it feels smooth, and not tacky. Balmy. Most importantly, opacity. Most pinks always have a sheer finish but this one gives a nice medium coverage. 

Benefit's Posie Balm is one of the many lip balms I have in my arsenal. I really adore the cute packaging, the rosy tint and the conditioning effects it has on the lips! I'm a big fan of the Rosebud Salve but this one makes the perfect travel companion and goes perfectly well under lipstick or lipgloss. The subtle tint is also really nice :) Me loves.

Revlon Petalite, Benefit Posietint and Chanel Joues Contraste in Rose Initiale

Chanel Joues Contraste in Rose Initiale is a Chanel classic. This blush is as incredible as it looks - rosy, youthful and silky. This is part of Chanel's permanent collection so it'll always be there (yay!). The texture is silky and color is wonderfully pigmented. A true rose with hints of pink. 
It's honestly a must-have. If there's one blusher you should own, it's this one :) 

Ok, so all summer I've been lemming the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders. But I also didn't want to break my no-buy rule until the Sephora F&F sale this fall so I did the next best thing. Find a dupe of it in my collection. I stumbled upon the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick for Body, and was like YIPPEE!!! This shimmer brick is an LE exclusive that came out years ago. It's an oversized version of their regular shimmer bricks. I think I may have won this years back when I first started blogging :) I felt like I won the lottery! haha I kept it safe and secure all these years and finally started using it the last few months. It is AMAZING. It's too bad it's LE, because I think it could really stand up (OKAY, next to) to the Ambient Lighting Powders. The 3 shades here are gorgeous without being too shimmery. It gives a subtle soft focus glow that looks so pretty and soft.

Another great base I've been using all summer is the Hada Labo bb cream. It's one of the best bb creams I've used so far. I've tried so many Korean ones but steered away from them because of the weird unrecognizable ingredients and the overly grey colors. This one is a Japanese brand that offers a much more dewy texture. It also does not oxidize on my skin and has a really nice finish. 

These are my picks for the summer. What about yours? Anyone shopping their own stash as well? ;)

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