Friday, September 4, 2015

Cleansing Lotion and Cleansing Oil: back to basics

This summer I have been using different kinds of facial cleansing oils to counteract...OIL. It sounds contradicting, doesn't it? It is actually quite nice, because the oils melt away any sebum on your skin and keeps it looking hydrated and youthful.

I had a few bad months of crazy skin, and the one thing that really helped my skin was going back to basics. I stopped using my Shiseido Future Solution Cleansing Foam because i suspect that it actually made things worse for my skin because of the richness of the wash. 

A good friend of mine gifted me with a facial cleansing lotion from the Face Shop, a Korean skincare retailer that sells affordable Korean skincare. I'm wondering if they sell a lot of Korean drugstore They are popping up all over in several cities I've been in and in malls as well.

Herb Day Cleansing Cream - Green Tea
I have been using this cleansing cream in the morning for a refreshing pick-me-up because firstly, it smells amazing. The fresh scent of green tea never fails to make me smile! :)
I use it mainly to take off any skincare residue that's left on my face by morning. The texture of it feels like a cross between jelly and lotion, and goes onto the skin by massage. The cream is clear of any colors, and emulsifies with water. What I do is actually wet my skin with a light layer of water before massaging it on. From there, you can either take it off with a muslin cloth, or just plain water. I use cold water to pat it off my face and towel dry. My skin instantly feels refreshed, and not stripped of any moisture. After this step, I apply a light moisturizer and I'm ready to layer on sunscreen and makeup.

Shiseido Perfect Cleansing Oil
This cleansing oil has also been a go-to staple for me the past couple of months. This lightweight cleansing oil only needs 1 pump to cleanse the skin. I usually massage it all over my face for about a minute before I rinse off with water. It doesn't leave any oily residue on my face and I'm just so grateful that things like this exist! I have used this oil to wash off foundation and it literally just dissolves. It's effective in a way where it doesn't have to try out your skin. It smells perfectly pleasant with its light floral scent. Packaging is also great - I love the pump applicator because it keeps everything neat and clean and not cluttered.

One thing I really like about the FaceShop one is the fact that there is little granules in the cream to gently exfoliate the skin. Bonus: Pretty to look at!

Both of these perform exceedingly well to my standards. They are both great for mornings and gentle cleansing. The Shiseido one might be more effective in taking the day off more so than the cream but both are excellent alternatives for sensitive skin. They are both mineral oil based - the ingredient actually helps dissolve makeup and is a good emollient for skin to keep it feeling moisturized and comfortable. 

I really like them both and feel they are excellent cleansers with gentle ingredients. I may go and purchase more of the FaceShop ones because I am really in love with the scent.

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