Sunday, July 19, 2015

Afternoon Lipstick Project

Hello again, lovelies!

How are you all doing? :)

I have yet another cool find from Daiso that I want to share with you all. Remember how obsessed I was with making lip pots and depotting lipsticks? (Here) 
That has not changed at all! =) I went to Daiso to walk around after a heavy lunch and I stumbled upon this pill container that has 8 small compartments and a larger top compartment. My idea was... OMG, I could put lipsticks in here! and put a lip brush or lip liner on top! For USD1.50 it totally beats out more pricey Japonesque ones (as lovely as they are). I say this because the Japonesque ones also seem to be made of plastic-y material just as this Daiso box is.

It looks like a typical box. There are a variety of colors but I chose the yellow one.

 The top compartment looks like this. Perfect size to fit a lip brush, a few mini lip liners or a mini lipgloss :)

The 8 little compartments. Each square snaps shut.

My current work in progress. I used only my WnW and NYX lipsticks because they are inexpensive and something I wouldn't mind depotting ;) Some of the squares, I fit two lipsticks in there of similar color so I can blend the colors and create different shades. 

The compartment at the top! I have a retractable mini lipbrush, a couple of lipglosses, and a neutral lip liner.

How it looks like when the compartments are closed. Really easy to take it to-go or traveling. I feel as if it's neat and organized, and you can customize your lipsticks by creating different palettes suited for whatever your mood or season or anything you can think of. 

The size - about 4"x2". Very compact.
Any solid type makeup can be used in this box, including concealers, foundations, creme blushers, lip balms, solid hand/nail creams, etc. 

I really like it. I find it to be a good and practical box to have around. It's really lightweight and secure. The lids and top compartment snaps shut and the overall container has a snap thingy that closes it completely. A cute little palette that's easy to customize, and use - I am def going to get more. :)

What do you guys think? :)

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