Sunday, May 31, 2015

Review: Diorskin Nude Air Serum

hellllloooooo beautifuls. 
I know I blogged in close to 2 months! RL got in the way and i've been busier than ever at work but I feel this emptiness if I don't blog because I am continuously trying new products and not getting to properly talk about them. 

One of those "new" things I tried is actually something that came out a long while ago. As in, not new. I got obsessed with serum foundations after testing it out at Sephora one day. Since my obsession a few months back, I have acquired the Dior Serum foundation and the Georgio Armani. GA review to come later.

The Dior Nude Air foundation is extremely weightless, very watery and dries to a powder texture. When I first tried it, I really love the coverage. Dior claims that it is sheer coverage but I thought it was more closer to a medium coverage because it's extremely pigmented for a lightweight foundation. The powder finish gave my skin a non-greasy set. 
 Longevity-wise, it lasts a good 6 hours or so. My skin started looking greasier at the end of the day but it wasn't overly terrible. 

See the powdery finish? Sometimes when my skin is feeling dry, the powder finish isn't actually ideal because it'll expose all the dry bits and bobs but it doesn't bother me much. It also sets really quickly so once you have the foundation layered on, you must work quickly otherwise the foundation will be harder to budge. 

Here are some before/after photos: 

Bare skin. I haven't been having good skin lately. Been dealing with cystic acne as of late -_- 

Dabbed to get to work before it sets!

First layer on

2nd layer on.

Some lipstick - I'm using NYX's soft matte lip cream in Amsterdam.

Changed and on with the day! I just lined my upper eyelids with my Dollywink eyeliner ;)
No mascara, and no concealer needed. The Dior foundation actually covers really well after the 2nd layer.

The applicator is in a dropper bottle (which I LOVE) and I find it to be so cute. I feel as if it's less waste to the pump but I think it's made in a dropper because the foundation has serum in it and will be more runny than your traditional base makeup. 

I have not edited or retouched any of the photos you see here. I actually got a new laptop and haven't had a chance to install the photo editors yet. I apologize if these photos are crap...they're all taken from my phone.

I really like the Dior Nude Air Serum. I would recommend this foundation to anyone who has oiler skin because it dries to a matte powder finish. It also has a strong perfumed scent so it may bother folks who have a sensitivity to it. But if you are familiar with Dior, it's just like all their foundation products. 

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Sharlynn Ng said...

Oh don't worry real life is far more important especially when your blog like many of our blogs isn't our full time job! I really have been wanting to try a foundation from dior and I love the dropper. It really does look awesome with the second layer on. Always been a fan of thinner foundations that still cover up and look natural!