Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip Set

Hello beauties! I was so excited when I got the Sephora Give Me More Lip ($59.00) set in the mail. Every year I look forward to Sephora favorites (they get better and better). 

The 2014 Give Me More Lip set contains 17 lip mini's that range from lipstick to balms to stains, in shades of reds, berries, nudes and pinks. 

This set is absolute LOVE! See swatches below. 

This is a gorgeous nude shade with an opaque cream texture. On my lips, it appears more of a dusty rose color, semi-sticky and has a fruity scent. The only con about it is that it does settle into fine lines because of its opaqueness. Heavy texture. I like this, but it's not my favorite.

This gloss is a real MLBB shade. Sephora describes it as a medium brown rose but it's more of a nude on me. The texture is much lighter than the Stila one and much more comfortable to wear. I really like this one and would use it as a daily lip gloss. Hydrating and non-sticky, and isn't tacky and does not settle into fine lines.

 Too Faced La Creme in Naked Dolly
Not the most flattering. This cream lipstick is very pale, and meant for girls with very light complexion. It is a really gorgeous base to conceal the lips for a dramatic color over it. Not something I'd wear on a daily basis. Formula is very balmy, hydrating and soft.

Sephora describes this one as a bubblegum pink but it's such a pretty pink. Nothing bubblegummy at all about it. The texture is really soft, and it feels really creamy on the lips. It's a formula i really like. I might explore deeper red shades next time. One of the most comfortable lip colors I've ever worn!

Minty, and cooling... this lip tint is surprisingly pigmented and has a nice satin finish. I really like pencil lip colors because it offers so much precision and this one gets a plus for having a hydrating formula. I really like this one! this is the most perfect pinkie nude.

This tinted lip balm is PERFECTION. A blue-based lip color that feels wonderful on the lips. It's also such a flattering shade as well. I really like this and will likely repurchase this exact one. Formula is really soft, and has a flexible slip that's not overly oily. It sits well, and makes my lips feel really pampered. Definitely a real treat to wear this!

This lip treatment is nothing less than their sisterly counterparts (see my review here). I absolutely love the lemon-y warm scent and the insanely gorgeous packaging. This lip balm also has SPF 15 in it so it'll protect from the sun too. This balm is enriched with real sugar and black current oil, making it feel so luxe on the lips. The balm has a rich buttery texture and it coats the lips for hours keeping them nourished and hydrated. Absolute LOVE.

In terms of color, this gorgeous lip color from Too Faced takes the cake!!! It is the most intensely pigmented color in one swipe. This is like a cross between a lipstick and a liquid lip color. Texture is extremely silky and silicon-y.  Dries to a satin finish. 
While I love the color, I'm not particularly fond of the scent. It has a very bathroom cleaning product smell and that is quite off-putting. 

The applicator is fuzzy and the lip color spreads around it. 

A pretty fall shade that is light weight and moisturizing. Glides on soft but the color is a little streaky. Color fades  very quickly, and isn't long lasting at all. When it disappears, you just get a streaky mess. Not very good.

Like the Too Faced Melted Lipstick, Bite Beauty's lip color is also insanely pigmented with a gorgeous satin finish. Bite Beauty has been touted as one of the most natural lipsticks you could wear - ingredients are food grade that you can practically eat! One interesting fact about this lip range is that it contains as much resveratrol as five glasses of red wine. 
I absolutely love this gorgeous and super long lasting color. It has a nice smooth feel and not drying at all despite its intense color. 

This brick red shade is a lipstain that dries really quickly into a matte finish. Very long lasting and a great quality formula. Really beautiful bright red! The stain lasts for hours and is a bit drying so you do have to keep your lips moisturized as much as you can. This matte shade also tends to settle into lip lines so before you wear this, definitely pamper your lips the night before.  But overall, gorgeous color! I really love it.

This gorgeous Laura Mercier color is so pretty! It's a  cherry red that's more toned down than the one above. A much more hydrating and lower maintenance red. I really like the way it feels - very smooth and so creamy. Texture feels like a balm. Use a lip liner to avoid feathering and to keep the color vibrant and bright. 

This gorgeous wine colored shade is the perfect cold weather color. This lipstick has a cream finish and an amazing smooth formula. It's also long lasting, and keeps your lips stained. This highly pigmented shade is bold and so beautiful. A definite re-purchase for sure. Feels very nourishing on lips and the vitamin E and coconut oil makes my lips feel divine and soft. 

Black Dahlia is a high opacity lip color that applies as a stain and dries to a matte finish. This shade is a blackened red color, perfect for a sexy vampy look. This lip tar is actually a duplicate in my collection (see my past review here). It has a minty formula, and feels very balmy. This is one of those really high maintenance lippies that needs a lot of care. It takes some priming and aftercare to keep this color looking fresh and clean. Even with all that, I am still a huge fan of OCC and their range of of lip colors. 

This is the only Sephora branded item in the set. This lip stain is so pretty and actually one of my favorites to use. It dries to a really flexible texture. One of the better stains I've used. The formula is really lightweight and soft and isn't drying at all. I really like this!

Of the entire set, one lipstick sits apart from the rest - and it's this one! This Hourglass lipstick is absolute perfection, in both formulation and color. First, blue-based reds are the most flattering for me. Secondly, this shade is truly a classic red. It's perfectly bright, dries to a semi-matte finish, and super long wearing. Feels extremely comfortable, and so high quality. Absolute love. Will be looking into other shades and their gorgeous Ambient Lighting Blushes ;)

....and the aftermath of testing all these lip colors!!! 


Sunny @Mostly Sunny said...

Hey Jen, what an epic set! It looks like the best way ever to try lip products from a variety of brands with different textures! Plus they're miniatures, and those always win in my book :)

steph (fun size beauty) said...

WHOOOOAAA. the too faced looks amazing. thnks for all the swatches :) I bought the "give me lip" last year, and I'm so happy that the small sizes are easy to use up!

Cassandrapamela said...

Hi Jen!
I also bought this set and it is brilliant to try out different shades and different textures ^^

Elle said...

whoaaa so many colors ^_^ I freaked out as I was scrolling past the fuzzy tipped applicator looked like blood bubbling up from a cottonball...

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

Yes when I looked at it, it does look like a cotton ball with blood on it!

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

Awesome, I hope you like it :) I seriously LOVE this lip set!

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

:) Yay Im glad you like it!

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

Definitely! :) Thanks Sunny!

PositivelyNice said...

These are so pretty! My local Sephora does not bring in this set every year. It is such a bummer.