Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lorac Mega Pro Palette: Swatches and Review!

Lorac Mega Pro Palette - $59, exclusively sold at Lorac, and Amazon

I know this is a bit early but I was so delighted when i got it in the mail I couldn't stop using it! It's so pretty! I am a sucker for neutrals, and am a bigger sucker for LE palettes that come out around the holidays.

This is actually my first experience with Lorac. I haven't used anything from the brand before and I've contemplated on getting their pro palettes way too many times than I can remember. Because I am new to Lorac, this palette comes as a great alternative to the pro I and II because it's like a mixture of both palettes in one. 

On ordering: I had the most frustrating experience when ordering. On the date of launch, there wasn't a set time the palette would be released so a large part of it was that there was no content other than "COMING SOON" on their website. So I checked every hour or so, and it wasn't until close to noon that I finally saw the "add to cart" option available. I was originally going to order through Amazon and get Prime shipping but that was impossible because it kept going out of stock and then reappearing in stock only to show errors. It was so dodgy I ended up going through their website. I also had questions about charges being taken out of my CC and no one at Lorac was able to answer it - by phone, or email. I am kind of disappointed at that. I mean, this should be at the top of their list despite how busy they are with orders.

And now onto the happy part...the palette!

Cream - off white, bright matte shade. Extremely chalky, with a lot of fall out.
Fawn - cream beige, soft, silky. matte. Lots of fall out as well.
Camel - a light butter brown, matte. Very silky. Not so much fallout.
Sepia - Reddish matte brown. Nice finish, silky texture.

White - Bright white shade, cool undertone. Matte.
Khaki - A beautiful light brown, has a satin-like finish and a soft buttery texture
Brown - A true brown with a matte finish.
Stone - A unique grey with a subtle hints of plum. Matte finish.

Dusty Plum - Has a really pretty reddish tinge. True to name!
Orchid - A bright lavender, soft focus finish. Matte.
Mulberry - A dusty rose shade with a bit of plum. Matte finish, buttery soft texture.
Espresso - Really dark brown black. Has an almost satin finish. Very powdery, highly pigmented.

Lilac - A gorgeous cool toned lavender. Bright matte finish.
Wisteria - Seems to be a mix of purple and grey, a little muddy looking. Not my favorite.
Gray - This is not a true grey. This is more of a charcoal grey with blue tones. Powdery finish.
Black - True to name. Semi satin finish but mostly matte.

Opal - Champagne gold with a metallic finish. Bright. Ethereal.
Sand - Peachy gold and shimmery with a metallic finish.
Copper - Pretty brown with gold shimmers. Metallic finish.
Sienna - A medium brown with a bright shimmery/frost finish.

Vanilla - White with a silver frost finish.
Cashmere - A golden shade with a pretty gold finish. Frost.
Smokey Topaz - Metallic medium brown with a shimmery frost finish
Dusty Rose - A reddish brown with a shimmer finish.

Apricot - A dusty copper shade with silver shimmers. So beautiful!
Blush - A cool toned pink with a frosty finish. Lots of fall out, very powdery.
Merlot - A warm reddish brown with plum undertones. Metallic finish. Gorgeous shade!
Indigo - This is a gorgeous dark blue with light blue shimmers. Bold color. A bit glittery though.

Granite - Dark brown with shimmers.
Maroon - Reddish brown, soft warm color.
Deep Teal - Blue/Grey  shade with a muddy color payoff. Not the prettiest.
Caviar - A blue black shade. Inky color, soft buttery texture.

All in all, this is a gorgeous value packed palette. What I've noticed is that the light shades have a ton of fall out, and are usually powdery. The darker shades have a buttery, silky texture with better pigmentation and lasting power.

I like that there is a great combination of matte shades as well as shimmery ones. All have good color payoff if you build it up but the lighter shades need a bit more work. The shimmery colors are gorgeous, especially Indigo! It's got a really worldly sheen to it and reminds me of Revlon's Galaxy nail lacquer.

Lorac has done a good job with this holiday palette. It's professionally made with attention to shade ranges. There was a lot of blending of colors, and each shade is unique as their names. I would highly recommend this palette for a collector and for someone who loves the Urban Decay Naked palettes as much as I do. Mega Pro is unique and has a great blend of shades that step just right outside the neutral zone without going over too much.

Readers, have you or will you be purchasing the Lorac Mega Pro Palette?


Sharlynn said...

Oooo...I've seen this palette on a few blogs now and it's a bomb! But I'm not planning on buying this one! I'm keen on getting the coastal scents revealed 2 as it really looks like a great dupe for the naked 3. I've got the lorac unzipped and have been loving it to death!

Stephanie | said...

Thank you so so much for the swatches and ordering an extra one for me! I didn't realize it was such an issue! I'd heard about broken palettes arriving in the mail, but lack of customer service support? No wonder they got pulled out of Sephora! I think if you really like this palette, the LORAC Pro I and II will be redundant! What a great choice you've made!

Cassandrapamela said...

OMG this is the most anticipated palette of the year, I guess ^^
I don't own anything from Lorac, but I've been wanting to get the Lorac pro palette ( the 2nd one is not my cup of tea ), but after seeing this one, I don't know which one to get.. do you own the original pro one? I think this mega pro has few shades I wouldn't use though..

Sunny @Mostly Sunny said...

Hey Jen, I'm glad to hear you're digging this! I'll skip because big palettes just aren't my thing. I never use mine as often as I should ;)

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

Yea i totally understand that too! it's not travel-friendly and they're bulky =P But I do have a soft spot for LE palettes!

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

I dont own anything of Lorac's and this might be a good mix of 1 and 2. I don't think I'll have to get the Pro palettes ;)

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

THANK YOU for sharing it with me sweetie!

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

I agree. Highlighting is overkill sometimes in palettes!

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

Sounds great! I hope you get the CS one and enjoy it!!! =)

Jacqueline Ma said...

What an awesome palette! I sometimes have trouble with large palettes cos I end up using just a few shadows. Case of too much of a good thing. But I can see many shadows here which I would totally use. Great buy Jen.

Julie said...

Omg! I love this palette! xx