Saturday, October 11, 2014

Deals & Steals: eyeshadow edition

A sweet reader emailed me the other day and asked me what my favorite affordable makeup products are. In all honesty, I have a lot of favorites! When i was merely a student in University, I could not afford to just drop a ton of cash on pretty palettes and bright lipsticks. I had to stick to essentials. The basics. A year after graduating, Urban Decay read my mind and released the 1st Naked palette. Having worked just about a year, i "splurged" on it, and adored the palette over all of my other drugstore eyeshadows. I've sort of never looked back.

I'll start with eyeshadow. This is a fairly easy one. Since the release of the Naked palettes, Urban Decay has been my go-to for everyday looks. Soft neutrals, earthy tones, and pretty pinks. There's one for everyone.


Naked 3 - UD's latest palette and probably my favorite of the bunch. The colors here have rose gold and pink undertones. Perfect for a soft work/school look, subtly sweet romantic looks, and pretty for any occasion.

Naked 2 - A much cooler version of shades. Still very pretty and perfect for fair skinned ladies. A must have in my collection.

Naked - The original and the one that started it all. This one actually has a gorgeous mix of cool tones, warm tones and shimmery shades. I use this palette a lot and have been for years.

For $54 each, these palettes are definitely a splurge. But they are the most affordable in terms of value. You get 12 full sized shadows for merely 4.50 each. Each one of these shadows are pigmented and buttery, formula silky and each shade unique in its own right. I would consider this to be a basic must-have and a fundamental in any collection.

A similar Dior palette, as pretty as it looks, costs $60 (Earth Reflections).

There's a certain appeal and allure to it, but these shades are very similar to the Naked palettes, all the way down to the shimmer.

For a drugstore variety, I would definitely recommend the Loreal quads. They have nice pigmentation, a great assortment of colors and coordinated shades that make life easy for us gals. For just under $7, these are great for trying out different looks, and getting bolder shades without breaking the bank, 


Readers, what are you favorite value eyeshadows and splurges? :)


Sharlynn said...

I totally agree that palettes like the Naked ones are totally a super worthy palette of any girl to have! You get so many full sized shadows for a great price all handy in one piece! I personally have never been the kind of person who has a specific palette I love but I tend to love using trios/quad palettes from the drugstore here! My favorite splurge for eyeshadows has to be urban decay at $33 a shadow here!

Cassandrapamela said...

The naked family is must haves, aren't they? I can't pick which one is my fave, the 1st or 3rd ( not really a fan of the 2nd though ).. my splurge faves are Charlotte Tilbury, Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana, they all make beautiful quads ^^

Lily said...

Earth Reflections is a great neutral palette. I loved my Naked palette, but neglected Naked 2 most of the time. I passed on Naked 3 because I got Naked-ed out. LOL!

Stephanie | said...

I loved the Urban Decay Naked palettes but felt that sometimes the colour variety can be hits or misses. I've been gravitating more towards LORAC these days! A great drugstore dupe for the UD Naked palette is the Wet n Wild Smoke and Melrose palette :)

laura said...

I love UD shadows. For me, they are the best value for your buck! Wet or dry and blending too! I just cannot get enough of them. I don't have the Naked palettes, but I do have 2 others from them. They are fab!