Friday, October 17, 2014

Deals & Steals: Concealer!

I'm going to keep this post simple and talk about two concealers that I think are quite comparable and very similar. 

I'm a huge fan of the Lancome EFFACERNES - Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer - HUGE fan. I feel like the concealer is top notch quality and is super blendable and so natural looking. It's highly pigmented but it doesn't look harsh. However, for around $30 USD and only .50 oz worth of product, it definitely gets a bit pricey to replenish! 

In comes the solution! After searching high and low for a concealer that's "just right", as in, not too pigmented that it looks caked on, not too sheer that it's pointless, i've finally settled on a happy medium. The Maybelline New York Mineral Power Concealer is an absolute MUST-HAVE. It greatly defines the best aspects of all high end concealers but for a fraction of the cost! Like the Lancome one, it is also really blendable, liquidy enough to sheer out (or build up), and has a great brightening effect. 

Obviously, I have two different shades here but you can definitely see how similar they are in terms of texture! They both have that same liquidy feeling and blend effortlessly! I have some very pigmented concealers that take awhile to blend out but this covers imperfections in little time, which I love. I also can travel easily with the both of them with no issues. 

Honestly, my favorite concealer is the Maybelline one. It's definitely an HG product I have used for years! I don't think I'll deviate far from it because it's always been handy and reliable. I've used it during times of stress and no sleep and it's brightened my undereyes like no one's business! ;)

Definitely recommended. Both are great to own, but if you must be thrifty, I would suggest looking for the Maybelline one as it will not disappoint! 


Stephanie | said...

Love this comparison! I need o find the Maybelline one in store althouh it doesn't seem like it's available in Canada! Good to hear that it's withstood the test of time for you :)

Stephanie |

Lily said...

I haven't tried either of these, but as drugstore brands go, I quite like the Revlon Colorstay concealer :-)

Sharlynn said...

The lancome sounds amazing Jen! I've tried the maybelline mineral one and I loved it! I really need to buy it again, my only qualm is that it's hard to get every bit out of the bottom!