Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Deals & Steals: Blush Edition

Welcome to part II of the affordable makeup series!

Blushes are, in fact, all that is pretty in the makeup world. They are the most versatile, most collected and most lusted after. Fr the  good thing is that there is never a shortage of pretty colors. Bad thing, however, is that it can be costly if you're a collector (like me) and it would be nice to get that dupe while you save up for the real prize.

Case in point, I lusted after Chanel blushes for the longest time. I still do. But for $45.00 each, they can add up and become quite pricey. Because my stash is quite massive already, I really have to consider if they are worth picking up.

I definitely do weigh out if I really want something, whether it is worth the splurge or if I can play around with a similar color. In many cases, I try for dupes. I think it's the most effective way for me because I couldn't justify buying a blush over really nice skincare.

The Splurge 

Chanel JOUES CONTRASTE in Rose Initiale, $45.00, Dept Stores - seriously the prettiest petal pink I have ever encountered. Smells lovely too! It's a gorgeous shade with a silky texture that is pigment rich yet subtle enough to create an inner glow.

Loreal True Match Blush in Rosy Outlook, $10, drugstores - This one is a warm glowy rose shade that is both gorgeous in the pan and gorgeous in person. The shade is very true to color and such a pretty pink! The pigmentation is a bit less than the Chanel one but it's also buildable so you can layer on the color to your liking.

As you can see in the swatches below, you can definitely tell Rose Initale is much denser in color, but the Loreal one isn't too far off the chart. It looks like a more subdue version of Chanel, and I am VERY okay with that! It seems like it's the same family ;)

 What I like is that the Loreal one seems to be a matte blush with a hint of sheen. Many drugstore blushes are heavily packed with shimmers that makes it too obvious you're wearing a blush. This one is honestly such a gorgeous neutral pink.

Another midrange blush I really like is the Stila Convertible color. It's basically an all in one cheek and lip combo. For a cream blush, it's quite nice and the color payoff is fantastic.

What are your favorite blushes? :)


Sunny @Mostly Sunny said...

I love love love Rose Initiale! It's one of those blushes that don't look impressive in the pan, but every time you put it on, you just feel good about yourself :)

TracyBeautyReflections said...

I have both of these! in fact I think Rose Initiale is the only Chanel Blush I own. It was too pretty to pass up! And Stila blushes are great. But my FAVE blushes are the new MUFE HD Cream ones. They are AMAZING.

Emma Bovary said...

Rose Initiale looks so pretty, I have quite a few Chanel blushes and they are my favourite, but I don't own this one!

Anna said...

So pretty! I love rosy colors! These swatches are great! I like that they're such natural shades, but still give you a lil somethin' somethin'. ^__^

Sharlynn said...

Oh it's too hard for me to choose my favorites! I really am jealous of your chanel blush, I was trying to buy one at duty free in singapore but both times I was travelling all the shades of blush were sold out at the duty free at the terminal I was departing from here in singapore! AHHH! I love catrice and canmake for drugstore blushes and thebalm and mac for more pricey ones!