Sunday, September 28, 2014

OCC Black Dahlia: Review and Photos

I've been seeing Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - Black Dahlia all over the blogosphere lately and had the sudden overwhelming urge to wear it as I've always lusted after this shade. It looks completely like a Halloween prop here but it's quite gorgeous in its own right. It's more of a burgundy red with slight hints of brown.

OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) is a NYC based cosmetic brand that paved its way onto the beauty scene from their professional formulas that makeup artists for television and film used. They are now a brand that's sold all over and have gained global status although they are very much a cult favorite among consumers. Best of all, all their products (at least their lip tars) are 100% vegan, and cruelty free. Yay!

Black Dahlia is blackened matte red. At first glance, it looks dramatic, gothy and deeply pigmented. Once you try it on, it's actually a lot thinner than it looks but you can build up the opacity to your level of intensity. 

It's hard to get the hang of applying this lip tar. Because of its intense color, prepped lips is a must. In this review, I am simply reviewing the shade and didn't wear anything underneath. 

Upon application, it has a very dry feeling. It actually dries very quickly once it "sets" on the lips. The texture is smooth and matte, has a very powder-like sensation once it dries. You have to be careful while wearing this because it stains everywhere. If you're not careful, it'll smear and you'd need a oil based remover for it to even budge.

I applied the lip tar from middle of the lips using a lip brush, working my way to the outer part of my lips. I used light strokes to keep the color wearable. It turns to an almost berry color with one coat. Using that one coat and going over it on my lips, I could feel that the lipstick adheres to my lip and not cover it like some lipsticks do. I didn't feel a film of product over my lips. 

In terms of coverage, Black Dahlia can be described as medium coverage to very opaque. It lasts all day (at least 6 hrs), and leaves your lips stained. It also emphasizes lip lines so I definitely recommend a lip treatment/scrub before you apply this shade on. Or wear a salve/balm underneath for comfort.

Since it was so dry and matte, I decided to use the OCC clear coat which is basically formulated with oils to moisturize your lips. I used it over Black Dahlia and loved the results so much more!

It "loosened" the color and made it a little slippery. I didn't mind it, because it felt so much more comfortable. I think it also looks better to have a bit of shine as opposed to all matte.

The results of Black Dahlia are definitely gorgeous. I've been wanting this color eversince I heard of the release. It's definitely a wearable shade despite its packaging. One little tube of this lip tar can probably last for many years because you only need a little to cover your entire lip. I think this color would look great in formal events, and in the evenings. For a daytime look and even a work look, sheer it out with a moisturizing balm and apply one coat lightly to give it a berry stained look. 

OCC is one of my favorite brands of lip color and even though I don't wear their lip tars everyday, I certainly LOVE collecting them!

What are your favorite OCC shades? Do you like Black Dahlia?


Rae said...

This looks great! The one with the clear coat of lip tar on made you look like you've just eaten berries.

Sunny @Mostly Sunny said...

OOO I think I've found my new obsession with shades like this one! It's so super hot! I might wear it with something glossy on top as well. Matte is not really my favorite finish.

Lily said...

I haven't tried any OCC lip tars before, but this Black Dahlia is a great one for Fall! I'm a sucker to deep berry / burgundy shades!

TheProcrastinator said...

gorgeous! it's more of a berry than a vamp on you, which I LOVE.

laura said...

my FAVORITE OCC shade! I put loads more for a super vampy lip!

Hollie Damz said...

ohhh that's beautiful and it's perfect for fall!
Random Beauty by Hollie

Mandy T said...

love the colour! Didn't think it would turn out so beautiful. Looking at it by packaging I probably wouldn't have ever thought of picking this colour up

Jacqueline Ma said...

Looks beautiful on you Jen.