Friday, August 8, 2014

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti

An oldie but a goodie. 

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti is the perfect summer shade. The rich moisturizing balm and the tinted reddish coral is seriously a juicy rush of all things SUMMER! 

I have several shades from this collection (my other fave is Lollipop) and this one is by far my favorite. Not only is it wearable, it also doesn't have any shimmers so it glides on like a naturally sun kissed lippie. I absolutely adore it and it is a must in my handbag! Part of the reason I like this so much is that it stays ultra balmy and feels great on the lips. 

Natural lip

One swipe of Tutti Frutti

Being that it's a drugstore brand, it's affordable (BOGO deals!) and readily available online and off. I got mine at Target for less than $6.

What's your favorite summer color? :)


Sandy Chau said...

ahhh this has always been my go to color, i've stocked up on this color haha, everytime i'm on vacation, this is all i bring for lip products <3

Sheila said...

I love the Revlon Lip Butters.. I have almost all the colors except this one! Such a pretty color. :)

xo - Sheila

Sharlynn said...

I love these and just recently bought two more bold shades, the hot pink and a cherry red. I love how with one swipe it's a nice glossy color but it can definitely layer up to such a pigmented punch!

Jacqueline Ma said...

You look great with Tutti Fruitti Jen.

laura said...

I still haven't gotten to try these! But I've been looking for an orange shade and this is lovely!

Mandy T said...

if only it was affordable here in Australia. For the price of a Revlon colour burst I might as well buy something better for a little bit more. However I really do love them and I used to have one I wore on a daily basis until it was all gone.

Amyboo said...

Tutti frutti looks great on everyone. It's by far my favorite from the line!!

Pinks (@naturelbellefemme) said...

I love this lip balm a lot. Looking very beautiful. Amazing review :-)