Saturday, May 10, 2014

April in Photos

I bought a new body milk that comes in a glass milk bottle! I've been loving it! 

The month of April was also strawberry month. Tons of these sweet berries were on sale everywhere. This was an abnormally huge strawberry haha!

I also had a caffeine-free taro latte for the first time. It was so nice tasting. Definitely a sweet pick me up.

I also took an impromptu trip home to spend some time with my family. The plane home had spectacular views of the sun rise.

I took my mother out to get a latte after work, which was definitely a treat we both enjoy :) 

Here is my mom's Spanish latte :) delicious!

We also decided to go to Vegas for the weekend! Took a selfie Just as we were waiting for our coffee to arrive. My brother and my mother :)

We did a lot of eating in Vegas! I mean why else do you go with family right?! :) except for my brother and I - we had some scotch, and busied the tables when my mom was back at the hotel ;)

After a nice weekend away, we drove back to LA! Home sweet home.

See you soon, Vegas!

It was back to work for my mom on Monday. She runs a daycare from home so she gets to care for a bunch of cute babies! Look at him...isn't he just so adorable?! He's 2 months old.

And him too. Charming little boy! 

Monday evening, I flew back to NorCal. Miss my family already!

The phenomenon that was "blood moon" - April 15, 2014

That was a sight to behold!!! We will be able to witness another three of them in North America in 6 month spans - the next one will be Oct 8.

I also became addicted to WnW lipsticks!!! Picked up more colors. 

A minty Tiffany blue that I'm currently loving! :)

Replenishing flowers in the apt. Gives such a lively presence.

Delicious avocado and kale smoothie with honey and kefir. I'm having this regularly now. Really decadent :) 

Selfie from yesterday! 

I take a lot of photos and share them on Instagram so please come say HI!!! :)  @Englishbreakfast_t 

Have a wonderful Mothers Day weekend lovelies!!!! 


Jacqueline Ma said...

It is so interesting that your mom runs a daycare. It must be so hectic. Aw the baby and the toddler are so cute. Must be fun dropping by and playing with them. :) Your cat is so gorgeous.

Sharlynn said... lovely! That strawberry is HUGE! Like FREAKING HUGE! Send me one? That's great that you got the chance to fly back, people often don't appreciate their folks until they're gone but I won't know that feeling until I get away. HEHE! hope you have a great weekend!

Sunny @Mostly Sunny said...

Aww looks like you had a great time with your family! Annnd kitty! I'm finally on Instagram and I totally followed you already last night ;) xx

Hollie Damz said...

it's nice to see that you've enjoyed April! btw it's sooo cool to see that a Strawberry can be that huge!
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Larie said...

Lovely roundup of food and fun times :) We've been enjoying strawberries a lot this month, too. And that taro latte sounds divine!!!