Saturday, April 19, 2014

Review: Wet n' Wild Mega Last Lipstick in Cherry Picking

Yet another lipstick review! I've just been really digging Wet n' Wild lately. I don't know why but I think their range of lip colors are fantastic!!!! I've only ever owned their lip pencils and eyeshadow palettes so lipsticks are a new alley to explore.

Currently, I'm obsessed with reds. Anything remotely red is eye-catching ;)

Cherry Picking is a shade of red that is a matte cherry red. It actually is more of a fuchsia once I wear it, not quite the cherry shade I imagined. But fuchsia's are quite pretty and goes with any day and night look. And it's also not the bright hot fuchsia that is associated with runway colors - this one is a lot more toned down depending on how many layers you apply. I always like a wash of color, never too dramatic.

On the lips, it feels quite waxy. Not necessarily very dry, but it's also not slippery either. There is no sheen. It's like a simple matte lip color that's meant to stick on your lips and not slide around.
I find that to be a little uncomfortable as I press my lips together and they feel I actually put a bit of balm on my lips before applying the lipstick.

It gradually kind of fades like all lipsticks do to a pretty MLBB color. I love it! It makes my lips look full, healthy and tinted. Despite its waxiness, I do love this shade a lot. I think it's so pretty.

Wear-wise, I haven't experienced feathering or bleeding of color, just as they claim it won't. It feels very in-place. I mean VERY. It's not gonna budge once you have it on. 

Here's what it looks like with some balm underneath. It looks a bit more glossier, which is nice too!

I really enjoy this color a lot. It seems like such a playful shade for warm weather! I'm particularly liking it a lot with minimalistic tees and shorts. It adds such a femininity in otherwise neutral looks. Oh and it looks great for work as well! :)


Sharlynn said...

It's really a pretty MLBB shade! I think especially on us girls with very pigmented lips the boost of something cherry really still looks quite natural but boosted on us! I've been happily buying up some lipsticks the last year but have only just started wearing them! I too have always been used to only owning mostly certain make up products like eyeshadows and lipglosses!

Cassandrapamela said...

lovely color!! I have 2 shades from this range ; cherry bomb and Coral-ine.. They're lovely, and great matte lipstick for the price.. ^^

laura said...

I do a balm before using W&W lipsticks too since they're a bit drying on my lips! Gotta bust my collection out for the summer!

Stephanie | said...

oh my gosh! The Mega Last lipstick is one of the best drugstore lippies I've ever come across! I have this shade as well, but I've always been afraid to wear it since it comes across too bold! I really like the softer approach you did with this look - I'll be sure to try this the next time I feel like going for a berry look!

girlie blogger said...

I enjoy the color too. I like that it's soft but still packs a punch. I think Wet n' Wild is a good brand, especially for being so affordable.