Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review: Wet n' Wild Balm Stain

I saw these balm stains on sale at my local Rite Aid and decided to give them a try. Unfortunately, all colors were sold out except for A Stiff Pink and Red-dy or Not. Fortunately, those two are SPOT ON colors that I absolutely love and have been wearing daily since purchasing them!

This review is for A Pink Stiff because the red shade is sitting at home ;)


This lip balm seriously defies new heights in lipstick heaven! It's part gloss, part balm, part stain. I think that's pretty comprehensive in such a small package! Wet n' Wild describes this balm as a stain that is moisturizing - a very different texture compared to the typical lip stains that dry our lips.

As you can see, it's a pretty opaque color. I found the texture to be very balmy and glossy and just the perfect amount of staining on the lips. As for serious moisture, it's not. The darker the color, the less moisturizing it is but it's still better than other commercially made product I've tried. 

Firstly, I enjoy the packaging and the small size of the pencil. Personally, I do not like the cap but it does have a snap-on mechanism so it's not that bad, however it's quite flimsy still. Other than the cap issue, I also LOVE that it's a twist-on instead of having to sharpen. The stick makes it so much easier to apply, with preciseness and no waste. I honestly think that is a benefit in itself! Like a lipstick in pencil form that's not lip liner. Very fun to use.

As you can see, it's a blue-based pink. Very flattering on any skin tone. Can you see the glossiness in the swatch? It's not super glossy on my lips but there is very pretty sheen that's lustry looking and healthy. I truly love this color so much! I really want to get the dark vampy red but it was already all sold out -_- OH WELL. You can't have everything! haha 

These babies cost a mere $2.99 for regular price. If that's not a steal, I don't know what is! I guess technically I got mine for 50% off retail, that's more of a steal ;) 

I really like the plum-ish pink kind of color. It's pretty and close to my natural lip color. It looks extremely light in its packaging which is a flaw because after 2 or 3 coats, it turns into a darker shade. That also could be my lip chemistry as yeah. 

Here's my lip after a couple of hours. Regular drinking, some eating. I just pat my mouth instead of aggressively wiping it. Color still nice, and see-able. 

After 5+ hours. From morning to mid-afternoon, this lip color is officially a stain. No dry patches, no flakiness from my experience so far. 

I think I am going to try and get more of these when I can. These may not be a super glam brand, but the lip colors are wonderful and the shade selection is very modest. Lots of natural lip colors to choose from! Price-wise, these are affordable as hell. 

Comparing this to the Nars Satin lip pencils, I honestly think the Wet n' Wild ones are far more long lasting and have a similar lustre formula. The color selection is not as vast as Nars but for a lower price point, these are really spot on! They really satisfied my jumbo lip pencil craving ;) 

Have you tried these balm stains? Do you like them? :)


Sharlynn said...

Wowie! That's lasted looking very even and still very lovely! I've been trying a few crayon balms and my favorites have been from catrice and one from a brand called "B. Vibrant"! That color is one that I'd definitely use too! I really love my fuchsia pinks and nude shades!

Rae said...

Awesome find! And it didn't seem to change color after a while.

Angela said...

Wow the color pay off is awesome! I just followed you bloglovin, you have a super cute blog!

Would appreciate if you checked out my blog :)

Pang said...

The color is really nice...I wished they came out with these sooner. I like but don't want to hoard anymore hehe.

Oreleona said...

such a vibrant lovely pink!! wow it lasts pretty long!! i am deff buying this!!

Stephanie | said...

I've been hearing so much about the WnW balm stains and I admit, curiosity is all over me! I'm really into these balms, matte colours, and super simple packaging! Excited to check it out (and for $2.99 too!)