Review: Bobby Brown BB Cream in Fair

The Bobbi Brown BB Cream's been on the market for quite some time now (2-ish years?). I've been accustomed to Asian BB creams for so long that I've resisted to try any American ones (for good reasons, you'll see).

The packaging for the Bobbi Brown BB cream, (BBBB...LOL) is very sleek and true to their definitive style. While this is merely a sample size, the full sized one looks the same. Asian bb creams tend to be cutesier with over the top too-cute graphics and femininity. I love both! But the Bobbi Brown one definitely looks more official in a makeup artist's bag ;)

Bare skin

I think this bb cream is marketed more like a tinted moisturizer, as it should be, because that's essentially what it is. It has a very "sunscreen-y" feel, as in you know you're wearing something on your face. Despite its lightness, I could still feel the residue of the product lingering. The cream wasn't thick and it definitely was not on the runny side. It has a very creamy feel to it and blends very easily. Once the bb cream set, it dried to a matte finish and the residue feeling went away. 

The coverage is very light. It evens out the skin, but barely. Once I applied it on my face, I still needed concealer to cover up under eye circles and some redness. On a good skin day however, this would be just the right amount of coverage. The shade Fair leans far too yellow for me but since the cream is really light, i didn't find it too big of a difference. 

Bobbi Brown foundations are among some of my favorites ever. So how did this hold up? I like it! Not crazy about it or anything but I'm liking it more than I thought I would. It has a nice finish and remains non-oily and non-irritating throughout the course of wear. Consistency is nice. Coverage is clean. Asian bb creams tend to be more dewier and shades are more on the grey side with a focus on whitening/brightening skin tone. Bobbi Browns is less frills, more substance. Don't get me wrong, I love Asian bb creams, but you can't buy into all their claims right? :)

Here's a photo of me with the bb cream on and Burt's Bees pomegranate lip balm (find it here). Btw, I just got a haircut as well! My hairdresser also flat ironed my hair which is why it looks so straight ;p 

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