Welcos Rich Hand Treatment

Hand creams are so essential to the daily grind of the office. I don't think I need to emphasize that one bit! One of my friends from Taiwan bought me a few hand creams when she came to visit and I've been in love with this one. The silkiness, the scent, and the great feeling that I associate with moisturized hands come into play in all aspects of this cream.

Upon doing some research, Welcos is a Korean brand of skincare. They have bb creams, and facial treatments on the market. They also seem to have a huge research facility in Korea. I actually don't see much reviews on this particular hand cream since their website focuses on their business model mostly o_o Although interesting, i think their focus is kind of oddly placed. But oh well!

The packaging of this cream is very standard in a 1.8 ounce tube (53 grams) of product. The twist cap is also very standard. The artwork on the label is really cute and reminds me of Asian hand creams. It must the bows ;)

The texture of this hand cream is lovely. It's just really silky and smoothing upon application. I absolutely adore the formula - it absorbs so quickly and has a non-greasy base which I love! The feeling of it on my hands is no different than when I use Crabtree & Evelyn or L'occitane. 

The formula is long lasting as well. Although I cannot translate the ingredients, I think it has a lot of Vitamin E, and shea butter. My hands stay really smooth until healthy looking for hours until I wash them again. This cream is neither too rich nor too light - just the perfect balance of moisturizers to use in the daytime. 

And the scent....! It's like really gorgeous bouquet of spring flowers and tropical fruit. I don't know what it is but I think the Koreans are spot on when it comes to scents! I would love this in a perfume since it has that really soft floral scent. 

The one bad thing about this cream is that it's kind of hard to find. I scoured the web but I could not find this except in random wholesale sites. It seems to be more a local flavor where people go to buy them in night markets or local stores?

But I have a few that I'm going to give away through Instagram and Facebook. I'll be posting that up shortly! ;)

In the meanwhile, California is experiencing some dry weather. So dry that flowers are so confused with the climate. We have a ton of cherry blossom trees growing at my work campus and it's barely going to be February.

Have a great week, friends! :) 

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