Wednesday, December 18, 2013

FOTD: Bright Eyed Look With the Naked 3 Palette

I just got the Naked 3 palette a few days ago and I am already in love! I think it's my favorite Naked palette to date. I was so hesitant about the rose-gold type of shades but it turned out to be very flattering. The shades are so soft and romantic, and looks effortless! I am a single shadow kind of gal and it still looks so pretty, standing on its own single color. The combination of subtle shimmer, and rosey shades actually compliments gals with brown eyes because it enhances them.

I apologize in advance for the grainy photos. I used my phone's camera!



I applied my base using the Bobbi Brown BB cream

I used Buzz all over my eye lid, mugshot as another light shade and Blackheart as a contrasting darker shade.

I turned on more lights in my apt. And wa la!

the final look - the colors are so romantic! 

Have you picked up the Naked 3 yet? Are you in LOVE? 

I'll be posting some holiday looks in the coming days. Stay tuned, my friends!


Sunny @Mostly Sunny said...

Great job, Jenn! You have such beautiful eyes to begin with, but I can still see the eyeshadows adding something to them :)

Cassandrapamela said...

oooh I am still waiting for my naked3 to arrive, can hardly wait!!
I love the look you created!! the pinkish color is so pretty! love the lip color as well :)

sleepandwater said...

So pretty! I love the colours you used :) This palette is becoming increasingly more appealing the more reviews I read (which are all universally positive it seems!)

Scatterbraintures said...

I think I'm more in love with how good bobbi brown bb cream meshed with your skin.

Lena L said...

very pretty! this feminine soft colors really suit you. :)

Jacqueline Ma said...

Jen you look great! Thanks for sharing your eye look. Your look is soft and feminine, just beautiful.

Cynthia said...

Very lovely look! I just got the naked3 palette as well and can't wait to use it. I love Bobbi Brown BB cream. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday!

Stacey I TheMakeupEdition said...

I can't wait to get my hands on the Naked 3, loving the range of colours. The look is very pretty, the lip colour pairs so well with the eyeshadows!

Dianna Nguyen said...

I really love the look!!
I just saw the naked3 palette the other day at Sephora
and I really liked the colors they had!!
I especially liked the ones you used in the pictures

because they show a nice contrast^_^
Thank you for sharing!!

Mizu said...

Thank you for dropping by earlier and your makeup is really pretty! I love the color on your lips :D

Ginger Gilbert said...

My favorite color in this palette has to be Buzz. I have a feeling that I will be hitting pan on it before the others. And you are right, it does make a nice romantic look. Very pretty.

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

Thanks Ginger!

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

Thank you so much!