Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Splurge on the Pour La Victoire Jules Satchel

Hi ladies! I hadn't planned to go Black Friday shopping this year because every year when I actually go, I don't really find anything. And what better than to sleep in after a massive feast?! :)
However, late in the evening my mom wanted to go out and walk off our dinner so we stopped by a TJ Maxx in Pasadena and I found a gorgeous bag that I couldn't leave behind!

I have been looking for a rectangle-ish bag for the longest time! This one was neither too small nor too big, and the rich leather is gorgeous.

I love the structured look of this bag. It's really clean, and sophisticated looking. The hardware is distinctly feminine but not overbearingly so. Subtle. 

Both sides of the bag has a magnetic flap that covers the zippers. I thought that bit was too awesome! I love the flap and i love how it conceals the an illusion of added security? ;)

The inside: there is a zipper in the center, a dust bag for the satchel, and an interior zip. Holds a small wallet, phone, keys and other essentials. I never carry too much with me so this holds perfectly as a casual bag for work and play. 

The bag also has metal "legs" that it sits on! So it can sit pretty as well!

The best part? It was only $149.99! With taxes, it came out to $160-ish. It's not too bad considering this bag was a lot more and the structure and leather is so well made. I actually think this bag is so versatile, and with care it will last really long.

What I love most about it is the fact that it looks really casual and undeniably feminine in a well structured and very "user friendly" type of build.

I've never heard of this designer/brand before. Have you?

In another post, I will show you guys the rest of my goodies. I got some other knick-knacks that I haven't photographed yet. I was just totally ecstatic with this bag!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I was stuffed to the brim with turkey, sushi, cake and wine. 

Did YOU score any goodies today?! :)


sleepandwater said...

Looks like you got that bag for a relative bargain considering the normal price! It's very classic and seems really functional as well :) I wish we had Black Friday sales here - shopping heaven! :p

Cassandrapamela said...

beautiful bag, it looks so versatile! and you got it for a deal, more than 50% :-O
ooooh and the food!!

Sharlynn said...

Happy thanksgiving! I had an early thanksgiving dinner with my boyfriends family last sunday and he made the familys turkey recipe with very traditional sides! I LOVE your meal though! I want sushi so badly right now!

Sunny @Mostly Sunny said...

Oh Jen, this is such a cute purse! The compartments are really smart and practical! We don't really have that many Black Friday deals to take advantage of here, but I still managed to score a Karen Millen coat (I'd been eyeing that one! Thought I'd have to wait till the big January sale, but since it was 20% off I thought I'd snatch it up already. I have a "popular" size that is always the first to be OOS) and some Omorovicza! Now I'll get to stay warm this winter AND have pretty skin. A girl doesn't ask for more :)

Larie said...

Yummy yummy food! And I love the purse! I like the structure of it, and it seems like it'll be really useful. Such a steal! :D

TracyBeautyReflections said...

What a great deal Jen! Love it! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving with your family! The food looks incredible!

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

At first i thought it was pricey but i figured it can be worse ;)

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

Thanks Sunny! Smart would be a better word :D Oh, your coat just sounds LOVELY. So happy you got it! Now you can cross that off your list ;) You got yourself some good genes in your skin so the Omorovicza is just a nice little bonus ;)

Stay warm!

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

:) Thanks! It's classic in my eyes. I hope it'll stay that way :p

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

Aw, thanks! The food...mst important =)

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

Thank you darling! Sushi is usually unconventional for T-day but it was GOOD!

jenn @Abeautifulzen said...

what an awesome bag and a great price!!!!
all the food!!! haha sushi at thanksgiving. sounds much like my asian style thanksgiving where we also have chinese takeout lol

Cynthia said...

Lovely purse you got there. I recently got a purse too. I love shopping for a purse as well. Now I need to find a perfect wallet that goes with my new purse. Scrumptious food you have there going on and may you have a wonderful holidays.

Amyboo said...

That bag looks sooo pretty! The discount is definitely really good, but I still wouldn't be able to afford it lol..(>_> student life)

You had sushi at your Thanksgiving????? Aggghhh I wish I was at yours!

Scatterbraintures said...

Love the slim strap. It looks so elegant

Dianna Nguyen said...

This bag is so elegant I love it!!Especially the straps(:
I've been trying to look for a nice bag for a long time but
still no luck): Hopefully I'll find one soon at a good price
as well!!Also, the food looks delicious!!