Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekday Inspiration: Memories

Mimosas: These simply reminds me of weekends, brunches and good times. I've never had a mimosa on a bad day and these little fruity drinks are perfect all weekend long :)
Top: Taken at a Mexican restaurant on Cinco de Mayo!
Bottom: Taken last year at Vegas

Glasses: I love these specs. I purchased them from Firmoo last Christmas. I'm going to be replacing them soon because the frame is now a little wonky from wear. I'll sure miss these! My cat Bacon looks ridiculously cute! She only wore it for a few secs :)

source: pinterest

Oxford Heels: These remind me of the fall. Cool and wintry. I love the contrast of dreary weather and warm leather heels. I lust after oxfords year-round. They are the pinnacle of the classic shoe.

This was taken a few months ago when friends (the two on the left) from Taiwan visited. I miss them. They were a constant chatter in my apartment and I miss that. We took them on an excursion around Los Angeles, visiting most of the theme parks, shopping destinations and touristy feats. 

source: pinterest

Brunch/Breakfast: It should be side by side with mimosas. I appreciate time to enjoy brunch on the weekends and eat the deliciousness that is THIS! The look of a rustic breakfast is exciting and beautiful. It makes me appreciate the artistry that goes into food prep. 

source: pinterest

Lipsticks: Chanel lipsticks are just purely gorgeous. I love the look and feel of everything that goes into this. 

I hope you are all having a good work/school week! ^_^


Sunny @Mostly Sunny said...

LOL Bacon so cracked me up! He's SUCH an adorable kitty, and he looks really smart with the glasses ;)

BeautyReflections said...

HAHAHA the kitty with your glasses is ADORABLE. LOVE this post! I gotta do stuff like this. It's a nice break from the constant reviews and I like reading them. I see DISNEYLAND there!! I need to back. It's been 6 months LOL.

Cynthia said...

All your weekday inspiration are truly relaxing and amazing. I recently got an oxford shoes and I can't wait to wear it more often. Oh how I want and do some brunch as well.

LittoMokaa said...

Yumm that drink looks delicous! Bacon is so cute :D

Kim A. said...

I'm hungry now, I want that lipstick, what a fabulous pic of you & your friends, I could use a mimosa and that cat pick CRACKED ME UP LOL!

Kim A. said...

i'm hungry now, i want that lipstick, i could use a mimosa right now, you & your friends look awesome and that cat pick cracked me up! hahahaha

Cassandrapamela said...

beautiful post! the picture with your friends is so sweet <3
are you originally come from Taiwan? I have a lot of relatives living there :D but i have never been to Taiwan though I'd love to :D

Ali Mackin said...

Oh my gosh your poor cat! : )

Ali of

www.dressing Ken.com

Stephanie Lau said...

oaww kiittty!

Janet said...

bacon looks adorably cute ^_~

Andrea said...

Mmmm mimosas! And that brunch skillet looks SO good!