Saturday, May 4, 2013

Review: Loreal Revitalift Miracle Blur

Hey gals! I hope your weekend is nice and warm. It's insanely warm in California! I do love going out without a sweater but now I remember how much I miss the cooler weather and sweaters. I'm spoiled. I know o_o

As promised, I've been using the Loreal Miracle Blur primer for a bit now and have formed some feelings about it.

Miracle Blur is an interesting concept to primer because it contains SPF 30 and is one of its kind in the US market. I believe this is not a new concept to the Asian market because virtually every daytime skin care of any kind has some traces of SPF in it. 

This primer goes on matte, and smooths out lines, wrinkles and pores. The texture is quite silicon-y and has a non-oily feel. In fact, it's quite dry. The sunscreen aspect of it feels smooth as well after you smooth it out onto your skin. I didn't particularly notice any residue leftover so that was really nice.

Scent-wise, there is a very faint smell. You could hardly tell. I'd say it was the combination of the sunscreen that contributed to the scent. 

The packaging is simple. It fits easily into a makeup bag, the red is pretty and the squeeze tube is convenient. I had no qualms about it.

So did I like it? I liked it a lot the first few uses but afterwards, I noticed that it was too drying for my skin. For reference, I have combination skin. Depending on the weather, it's probably closer to dry. It goes on way too matte and enhanced dry spots in my skin even after proper moisturizing. I noticed after an hour or so, my chin, parts of my forehead and around my nose was peeling.

I actually peeled off the primer, if that makes any sense. My skin reacted weirdly to it but it didn't irritate at all, just irritated me because I was at work and needed to take care of the dry spots ;p

You can see it around my nose and on various parts of my face. MEH. I didn't have any foundation or powder on, just mascara and a bit of eye shadow. If i had foundation on, it probably would have looked worse.

Aside from it being too drying for me, I think it conceals pores extremely well. Honestly, it's like photoshop. It blurs out all the imperfections nicely and evens out the redness. It does a pretty good job for that part.

I'd definitely recommend this product to people with oily skin because this will work like a dream. 

 Ingredients (via Loreal):

Overall, I like the idea of this product but didn't enjoy it as part of my routine. If it had been more hydrating, I'd probably like it a lot more. 

Have you tried this primer, readers? Thoughts?


Scatterbraintures said...

It does have a photoshop effect. Looks like the cream filled in everything: pores, fine lines, etc. I wonder if it really does something. But for a sunblock that's matte... not too bad.

Huong Lan Lee said...

Hi Jen. I've never tried this before. You look young and wrinkle-free so I think you don't need this product now. :)

Sunny @Mostly Sunny said...

Aww I'm so sorry to hear it's drying for you! This looks like something I need for my T-zone when I'm back in Taipei this summer. My sebum production goes into TOTAL OVERDRIVE there (mostly because my skin has got used to the weather in Belgium. I don't remember it being so bad in the past)! Glad to see the SPF30 too. Always a good idea!

Amyboo said...

Too bad it's drying! The other aspects of it sound wonderful. I actually haven't seen this before, but now I'm really curious to try it.
Thanks for sharing~

BeautyReflections said...

YAY someone finally reviewed this that I trust! :) And I can't use it this means because my skin is dry too. So thanks! Saves me $24.99 because that's how much it costs here!

Buggiebean said...

Oh man, I'm so sad to hear a less than stellar review on this. I had a feeling that my skin would react the same way if I used this because it's so dry right now.

Thanks again for reviewing it! =)

Kiss & Make-up said...

The first review I read about this was by Elvira from the Pinksith blog and right then I knew I NEEDED to have this! My skin is oily, so I am sure the drying effect wouldn't be a problem for me. Seriously, I can't wait until the product is available here (as far as I know it isn't yet). The blurring effect is incredible, I HAVE to try this :-)

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

I hope you'll have a chance to try this soon. It's a godsend for people with less dry skin than I. I'm sure you will love it :)

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

You're welcome buggie!

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

It is quite expensive now when I think of it :p Same price in the states as well.

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

Hey Amy, hope your curiosity will be fulfilled! :D

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

Yeah it would be good in Taipei, esp in the summer!! I can't imagine you looking anything less than fab Sunny!!!

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

thanks, dear!

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

Yeah I like the sunscreen aspect of it :)

Karolina Sobczyk said...

looks great! I have to try:)

missashii.x said...

I was interesting in trying this out but I'm glad I've read your review because I already have dry skin soo I don't need any more of that feeling! But it really does make your skin look so flawless.
Beauty For Thought.

Karen Chin said...

I haven't seen this product around before but it sounds like such a great idea! What a shame about it being drying for your skin and making it peel- I have dry skin so unfortunately I don't think this product would work for me! If there was only one that was more hydrating :)

veronica said...

great review!

what about follow each other?
let me know :)
have a nice day!

Raimar ღ Guevara ღ said...

I never tried this Primer Before but looks really nice. Many thanks for the review.

cushy said...

the first primer with SPF that i know off. i have extremely oily skin and this sounds like a good fit