Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup!

I love a good foundation. Who doesn't? It took me awhile to convert to foundation that came in a jar simply because it is messy, heavy and in a jar. But I've since taken a second look and realized that jar foundations are gorgeous to have on a vanity, looks very luxe and you can use every bit of it (if you can).

I started using this foundation at the tail end of November when my mom gave it to me. She bought it because she loved the jar, and thought it would be nice for me to have one as well. It's nice and sturdy but not the most travel friendly.

Consistency: The Revlon Whipped Foundation has a gorgeous texture, almost gel-like with a mousse cream finish. It blends incredibly well and feels like a sheer layer of your own skin. The amount of coverage is ample enough for anyone trying to achieve evenness. It has a very silky, soft focus finish and my skin loved every bit of it.

It layers on very beautifully and the pigments are great. Blends really nicely. I used it for over 15+ hours one day because I was out from day to night. It didn't transfer, smudge or look ridiculous. I dusted a bit of powder on my face after 8 hours or so as a touch up but it nonetheless surpassed its longevity.

My mom bought this for me in its lightest shade (Ivory) which I panicked about. I thought I'd be at least 5 shades darker because it looks so light in the jar. After testing it out, I realized how well it blended with my skin tone and the shade is fitting.

For a drugstore foundation, this one is truly an unremarkable gem. I do wonder why it's not the standard 1oz though (it has .80 oz) but I suspect that the packaging is already bulky enough.
All in all, I love this foundation! It is truly a gorgeous texture and feels like a dream on the skin. Revlon really did an amazing job on this product. It gets an A+ from me :)

The rest of what I wore in my FOTD:

NYX Addis Ababa Lip Creme 

It looks so intimidating from tube but I patted it on my lips very lightly for work. It's a nice wash of color, sheer and smooth. I love these lip cremes!

That concludes my fave review for the Revlon Creme Foundation! Have you tried this foundation? What are you thoughts on it? :)

See you all in the comments! 

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