Sunday, December 2, 2012

Swatching Sleek's Au Naturel Palette

Who can resist neutrals? I know I can't! Even with both Naked palettes in stow, my insatiable desire to collect neutrals is endless. I've wanted to buy Sleek eyeshadow palettes for a long time now but their iDivine palettes wouldn't ship here because of ingredients... so I waited. I'm glad I did because I bought it off eBay a few months later.

Sleek iDivine Palette in Au Naturel (Nude)

Lots of neutrals to choose from! A very basic palette with earthy colors and a smooth texture.

If you can't tell, this was heavily swatched. Nougat is a really nice soft white shade that brightens the eye and works great as a brow highlight. It was also surprisingly the more pigmented of the three. Nubuck should be a leathery shade but instead shows up more grey toned. Cappuccino is a (very) soft sand shade with almost no pigmentation.

Honeycomb is a pretty yellow but it was very chalky and lacked pigmentation. Toast is a warm honey shade but it leans toward orange on my skin tone and not very flattering. I was hoping it to be a more "bronzey" color. Taupe is a soft shimmering grey-brown that's gorgeous in pigmentation and smooth in texture. The formula is a lot easier to work with than the previous 5.

Conker is a really intense brown with subtle shimmers. I loved the shade a lot but it had a bit of fallout. Moss is soft olive brown shade that I found to be super unique in this palette. I absolutely adore this color! Bark is a soft grey that leans toward brown.

Mineral Earth is a bronzed grey brown. Gorgeous shade and a really unique color altogether. Subtle shimmer. Regal is also a very pretty plum brown, very netural and smokey. Noir is an intense matte black, nothing rare or different to this color. Very basic.

I noticed that this palette had a lot of grey tones and a hybrid of mixed browns. It is essentially a nude palette so the colors are especially neutral but I found that it lacked uniqueness. I wish they had mixed their browns with more subtle golds and plums with greys or greys with copper or silver. It's still a nice palette overall and perfect for those wanting simple cool colors. Personally I like the colors in this palette, but wish the formulation and pigmentation were better. The first five shades very much lacked in pigmentation. It goes on as barely a wash on my eye but the last few were better by a long mile. The darker the shades, the smoother the formulation.

+ Affordable (retails for $9.99)
+ Neutral shades
+ Sleek, travel friendly packaging
+ 12 shades to use

- Lighter shades lack pigmentation
- Must order online if you live in the US
- Some fall-out (esp with taupe, conker)
- Formulation is not consistent throughout the palette

While the price and variety of shades are promising, I'd rather spend more money on better quality formulas. I'm actually really surprised considering their blushers are super pigmented! Would I repurchase? Probably not because I do love my Naked palettes very much. This one pales in comparison with the amount of unique shades and pigmentation.

Now YOU choose. Would you buy this palette for $9.99? :)


Stephanie said...

This is such an awesome steal for $10! Clearly so much cheaper than any of the Naked palettes! If you love neutrals, you should try the LORAC Pro palette! I swear, it's giving my Naked palettes a run for their money!

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

Hi Steph! I'm def going to try the Lorac Pro palette... a ton of people love it. Gonna look for it online now! haha

BeautyReflections said...

Quite the deal actually! I love  a good neutral palette that's affordable!

Girlie Blogger said...

Love the color. Not liking the ordering online thing. I like touching stuff. But hey, colors are really nice in picture. I especially like taupe.
Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

Mandy T said...

I keep telling myself that I need to get Sleek products but i always delay it :p  so many new stuff had come out and I'm constantly drooling over them.  Now that I decided to do something crazy in my life I can't shop as much as I want :(

thanks for sharing!!!

Sunny @Mostly Sunny said...

Ugh, too bad to hear Taupe has fallout issues! That's my favorite shade of the bunch!

Dawnelia said...

Such a shame the lighter shades aren't as pigmented because they do look nice in the palette. 

Cassandrapamela said...

I have this palette and I am happy with it.. I even have hit pan on 2 of the matte shades :)) 

Jennifer Huang said...

oh wow, so cheap!! I love the colours, im so tempted to order some sleek palettes, but i dont even use eyeshadow often so it'd be pretty redundant for me. I'd love to see some eye looks with this palette :)

Amyboo said...

Too bad these aren't more pigmented, but for the price, I probably won't complain! XD 
Thanks for sharing!

J.N said...

I don't think I bought this one. But omg, I love Sleek palettes. I have got about 7-8 of them, all imported over eBay.

J.N said...

Unfortunately, I think if you prefer quality eyeshadows, you will still prefer UD Naked, just like I do. I just don't really enjoy the Lorac Pro because it's too powdery.

Sharlynn said...

 I agree that the lighter shades aren't that great. I saw this and knew I wouldn't use half the shades, to me it seems too dark or too light. The only nude palette I want is the lorac pro but I don't think I'll be having much time to play with it but I'm still thinking whether or not to order in time for the end of the year!

Sheila said...

Looks like a great palette for only $9.99! I do love the Naked palettes so I have lots of neutrals already. haha.. Great review!!

xo - Sheila

Elisa said...

likes! I recently got the storm palette and the sparkle 2 palette :D love it!  

Janet said...

im loving the shades but I do see that some are not that pigmented~ but overall the shades are really pretty ^_~

Emily said...

That's so disappointing! I usually love their eyeshadow palettes - the Storm and Circus palettes are my absolute fave. But at least now I've cut this off my list. I'll get the 3 blush palette instead!

Danielle said...

I'll definitely check them out - I love nudes and sheer palettes. Just stumbled upon your blog and I love it; I'm your newest follower!

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sleepandwater said...

I did want to buy this palette when I ordered off Sleek for the first time, but it was sold out. I opted for Bad Girl instead, which I never use. I like the look of Conker and Moss! Though I agree that Sleek shades can have a lot of fall out. It's too bad some of the shades were not pigmented at all. I think I'll stick with my Naked palettes :)

Julie Khuu said...

These are the types of muted neutral tones I'd rock every day!  Love the different gradients of sheen...glittery for winter- perfect!

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Peace. Love. LOL!

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Maggie said...

Mineral Earth looks gorgeous! I'm not sure I'd buy this. Sleek palettes have always turned me off because they remind me of those claire's palettes from back in the day, but this looks pretty nice. :)

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

I was just looking at this palette yesterday whilst Christmas shopping online, trying to find a nice neutral palette for my sister. I wish the pigmentation was better, I'd be all over it then. As it is I felt this one didn't look like it would suit my sisters requirements. She specifically wanted a light shimmery highlight color included. I ended up having a friend snag me a MUA Heaven and Earth palette which has gotten rave reviews. I think it will be perfect for my sister, I can't wait to give it to her :) Thanks for the review!

memoiselle said...

The first eyeshadow that caught my attention is Mineral earth. Looks very pigmented and the color is just so wearable :)

Sally Miscioscia said...

loving these natural but

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

i agree w/you! that was my initial thought for the other sleek palettes with the criss cross design but this one is a little better =P