Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sephora's Shimmer Harmony Gloss!

A lot of people are on one end of the spectrum when it comes to lip palettes - they either love 'em or hate 'em. I, on one hand, love them! There is something about a lip palette that speaks volumes with the different shades and textures. I guess in a sense, it channels my inner artist and makes me feel all artist-y to have one in my bag LOL. It makes applying lip color indulgent and I actually look forward to it. I love the meticulous way of brushing on the color, snapping the lid back on and tossing it back in my bag. In more simpler terms, it is FUN.

Usually during the holidays, lots of kits and palettes come out in various tins and cases. I don't like spending a fortune on lip products but I do like me some good quality, travel friendly kits. I bought the one from Sephora called the Shimmer Harmony Gloss because a) it was only $5.00!, and b.) I wanted shimmer and gloss.

The glosses are housed in a rectangular palette you see above ^^.  You can see that each shade is shown. 

Here is how it looks like after I opened it up. Obviously, I've used the colors! o_~ 
The palette has a little dip next to the mirror where you can actually mix colors! Doubt I'll ever do it but it's cool to have I guess! 

The little brush that comes along with the palette. It sits by the mirror but it's dainty enough. Personally, I love the brush! It makes applying the gloss really easy and the brush itself is soft and glides effortlessly. 

Swatch Board: These are not in order of the palette. The first two are shimmery clear-ish ones. The third one is a shimmery copper. I love that one! The pink and coral is also really pretty and the red is gorgeous! They're pigmented for glosses, that's for sure =)

#1 on swatch board - silver shimmers on clear gloss. Reminded me of snow and frost :)

#2 on swatch board - silver with a bit of gold on clear gloss. 

#3 on swatch board - the coppery shade with a tinge of gold. The shimmery flecks are just insanely pretty! Very very festive!

#4 on swatch board - creamy pink shade with silver shimmers. Very plush shade! 

#5 on swatch board - the shade i described as coral. It's more of a baby pink. Really subtle color but beautiful nonetheless.

#6 on swatch board - the pigmented blue based red gloss. It's an effortless, forgiving shade of red. I love the festive feel and the pretty shimmers.

Overall, I am very impressed with this palette. More so than I originally thought. I know there are really bad ones out there that feel dry and pressed. This palette is one of the best I've bought and one of the most inexpensive ones I've seen. You get a nice selection of 6 glosses and even the red one in itself is worth the $5 price tag :) It's small and dainty and I'm very much looking to use it during my holiday travels this year. 

The last I checked (yesterday), this palette went down from $5 to $3.00! It goes up and down and it's always in or out of stock, but they update it pretty frequently.

So that's my rave review on this palette. One of the best things I purchased this season, LOL! What about you, my friends? Do you like lip palettes? ^___^


Cassandrapamela said...

wow such a nice palette!! Usually lip palette doesn't have good pigmentation but this one is def great pigmented! my fave is #6 ;))

Amyboo said...

I remember trying one lip palette and the product was hard and tough to get onto the brush AND it made my lips dry! So, I've steered clear ever since...but you might have successfully convinced me to give it another go...! :)

Nic Nic from Bangbangsheshoots said...

oh it's pretty! perfect for the holiday season with all the pretty shimmers :) 

Lisa said...

omgosh i can't believe this was $5 bucks that's a lot of product for such a low price and they actually look decently pigmented and very pretty on your lips! will have to check this out next time i'm at sephora :)!

Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

Really pretty! Love that it's so affordable!

Joanne Ng Li Min said...

It's actually pigmented enough that your lips look different in colour! That's nice. I am always quite skeptical about these palettes because my lips are really dark, and these palettes tend to be too sheer for me.

respect_the_shoes said...

I adore sheer shimmery glossy color! I'm terrible at keeping reg lipstick on, but colored glosses are my thing - I think I need to check this out. Happy holidays!

Stephanie said...

I think these are great for the value, and the fact that you can try many different shades and textures in one go! I am always concerned about the sanity of the product however, but I think you're right with using the brush =P Happy holidays Jen!

Anna said...

Suuuper pretty on you!  I love your lip shape! *___*  I'm really tempted to go out and buy this palette now!!!  Thanks for the awesome review!

Jia-lin Ng said...

Oh wow, I never expected them to be so pigmented and fine! It's actually very lovely, I've seen this around but wouldn't consider it since I don't like the idea of washing lip brushes! Unless for dark lippies! I think this would come in handy when doing make up for others! Lovely, thanks for reviewing! ^^

Jennifer Huang said...

i only remember lip palettes from the $2 shop when i was a kid XD ahaha i see the odd few in duty free stores, but it includes eyeshadows and stuff so its more of a overall face & lip palette XD i love the pigmentaton & glossiness you get from this palette! and for $5!!! omg, thats an amazing deal! :D