Friday, October 19, 2012

40% off - ALL Cosmetics!

Hello friends! Did any of you partake in the 40% off all cosmetics at 

CODE: Makeup40

Tomorrow is the last day to use the code so hurry and get your orders in!

I'm still compiling a list of 'must try' lippies and glosses. I'm excited to get more Revlon lip butters! And another thing I started using is the Loreal lip balms! They are seriously amazing! 

Cheers to discounts! What are you gals ordering?! Please share! I think we'd all love more ideas ^__~


Beauty and the Scientist said...

I did I got way too many OPI polishes ;)
P.S I'm glad you liked the prize pack :)

purple snowflake said...

hey there.
thank you so much for dropping by and leaving me such a nice comment.

have a great day ^^

Blair said...

Goodness, 40% off is madness! Do review the L'Oreal lipbalms if you bought them? I haven't seen them in beauty blogs (probably I didn't pay attention) so I would love to hear your thoughts!

PinkOrchids said...

They do look really natural, I agree, maybe try more dramatic ones? I love your smokey eye look by the way!! xX