Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review: Lancome's Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara

Hello friends! Hope your mid week blues have been manageable -

Lately I've been very into nail polishes and grooming my nails. After all the inspiration from so many blogs, I think I've also accumulated quite a few polishes o_o This started a month ago! Yikes.

So I'm here to talk about a mascara that I've been using on rotation. It's really one of my first "high end" mascaras because I normally feel like drug store ones are of superior quality as it is and because you have to replace them so often, I don't see the logic in spending $20+ every few months. That's like 1/3 of my phone bill! ;) 

But in any case, I still lust the luxeness of high end mascaras, even if using this simply confirms what I already knew - superior marketing. 

I like the shape of this mascara - the hourglass shape is pretty and feels very girly to hold, even though most mascaras are girly anyway. Maybe it's the cursive or the word 'doll' ;) It feels supremely girly. 

The wand and brush part is quite elongating. Very simple brush with the idea of coating every little lash.

I noticed that the mascara is very soft and did not make my lashes brittle. The formula is conditioning and very nourishing. It didn't clump for me and definitely defined my eyes. I used a few coats desperately trying to get some color out of it. I didn't feel it was that pigmented compared to my other mascaras nor did it give me any wide-eyed effect. But it defined my eyes in a very subtle way without the shocking pigment or clumpy look. It's a really nice mascara for everyday use however, I usually prefer something a little more dramatic to make up for the lack of lashes i have.  Even after 9+ hours of it on, it did not slip or slide nor did it smudge. In terms of that, the formula was spot on. 

(btw, I am wearing circle lenses - Lucky Clover Brown see here)
It's my first time wearing circle lenses! O_O

+ Conditioning Formula
+ Pretty Packaging
+ Defines Naturally

- Expensive 
-  Didn't hold curl for me
- Not as Pigmented and no "dolly" effect

Overall, I think this mascara is pretty and does a basic job. It's definitely more conditioning than all of my drugstore ones and the formula feels more gentle. This mascara retails for $26.00.  

What are your thoughts on high end mascaras? Are they worth it? 


amynaree said...

i have yet to find my hg mascara (both high end and drugstore), so far the only one that holds curl for me is majolica majorca lash expander

Jade in The Palace said...

I have tried 2 lancome mascaras but unfortunately they make my eyes water a lot T.T
I really want to like it but my eyes water like crazy everytime I use Lancome mascaras ://
this one looks nice on your lashes, but I agree with you that it's not black enough..

Nic Nic said...

Ahhhh my mum gave me a sample of hypnose volume mascara from GWP (coincidentally she bought the same mascara) and i like it actually (I added Majolica on top just in case lol). The results were pretty good too! I'm surprised the dolly version looks more natural than hypnose volume one! I don't feel they're worth the value anymore since Japanese ones do such a good job at a fraction of the price! You might want to add mascara base to get the money's worth of that mascara :)

Jacqueline said...

It was a so so mascara for me too. No doll eyes as touted.

Stephanie said...

I agree with you - justifying a $35 mascara is nutso!! I love my Maybelline mascara one, but can definitely sympathise with you re: marketing haha!

It looks like it works well though - your lashes look amazing =D

Sunny said...

This one sounds good! I'd love it more if it holds curls though.

If I could pick ONE mascara to stick with for the next year it'd have to be Diorshow New Look. I love the teeny tiny brush. It grabs all my tiny lashes! It doesn't smudge either when I pair it with the Maximizer Serum. It holds curls and my lashes are just soft and fluttery the whole day!

maya said...

Thanks for the review. I def need a mascara than can hold a curl too.

Maggie said...

I'm more of a drugstore mascara girl. With such a short lifespan, I wouldn't want to spend that much on a mascara. Regardless, this mascara looks really pretty on you! Very flirty/cute lashes. :)

Janet said...

I'm not really into high end mascaras because I once read an article that mascara should not be kept for more than 3-6 months (once open) because the formula and the air would create bacteria etc..So sorry, I really don't think high-end mascara are worth it..>__<

Amyboo said...

This mascara looks very natural. :D Your lenses are also really natural and gorgeous!
I tried one of Lancome's other mascaras when I received it for a birthday present. I thought it worked wonderfully, but it wasn't anything *amazing.* I don't believe in spending a lot of money on mascaras either. I'm a drugstore person when it comes to them!

Jenny said...

Haven't tried anything from Lancome, it is actually one of the expensive makeup here in our country. The mascara wand is so cute! And yes, your eyes too! The contacts suit you well!And yes, gorgeous teeth you have! Oh, btw, thanks for following on my blog. Followed you back! Well, about the product, it is very cheap and sad to tell you that it was only available here in our country. Cheers and have a great day! - Pretty Thrifty

Stephanie Cai said...

I always felt high end mascaras were never really worth it just because you technically have a shorter shelf life on them the moment you use them. I'm sorry to hear they didn't hold the curl for you, I was really hoping for it to be awesome.

If you want to try a gentle mascara, I've been loving the new Maybelline Mega Plush mascara in WP, it feels nice and holds the curl!!

The inglot pencils are super pigmented! I understand what you mean about breaking them, I have that issue with eyeliner pencils =(

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

Looks good jen! I like how natural in size those circle cons look. They don't look fake or anything. I love it

I've always wanted to try to mascara, it looks so great, seems like you don't even need to wear eyeliner to enhance the look.

Ile said...

I remember Michelle Phan doing a video featuring this mascara. Generally, I don't think it helps in giving your eyes that doll-like look. What caught my attention more in your post are your circle lenses. They look so natural!

Jen said...

It's sad how i think $26 is cheap T___T Our drugstore ones cost about NZ$20+ .... lol this mascara looks very promising as a light mascara, but since it needs to be replaced so often i doubt it's worth it, esp since it doesnt seem to offer as many perks as some drugstore mascaras would for a fraction of the cost. YAY~ I like these lenses on u ^^ so natural <3

Kumiko Mae said...

no matter how hard i try to convince myself, i think i will never be able to be fully comfortable in buying a high end mascara! for practicality reasons :D

but whoa thats a cute wand. makes me think... bt no. ill stick w my maybelline

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

IKE: Thanks! LOL I'll do a review of the circle lens soon :)

Sheila said...

Great review! I have this mascara but it's good to read it from a different person's opinion. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really like yours. Would you like to follow each other? let me know. :)

xo - Sheila

Sheila said...

Following you back!! ;)

xo - Sheila

Huda said...

Super lovely blog! I'm not following you, doll :)

Anyway, this was a great post. I definitely agree with you about the drugstore versus high end mascaras. The only high end mascaras I own now are ones I received as a sample or gift. I don't think I can justify spending so much on something I'm going to be replacing so often as you mentioned. Overall, I like the look it gave you. It's a shame it didn't hold the curl because that's what my lashes need more than anything! lol I love its formula, though :)

Michelle said...

I don't own any high end mascara. I just haven't found the right one that "wows" me. My favorites are L'Oreal and Maybelline. Those work so well when it comes to building volume and length. I've been using them since high-school!

Joyce said...

mascaras are usually a hit or miss for me. i like clinique's - not heavy and stays on without clumping or leaving black spots under the eyes. sorry to hear this lancome one didn't work out so great, especially with the price :x

Joyce @

Laura Go said...

I actually don't wear mascara a lot because I wear specs, but when I do, I reach out for my UD mascara because it feels the best on my lashes. I try to stretch out how long they last, so I probably use repurchase every 6 months.
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Ansa said...

Looks amazing on you.

Bravoe Runway said...

My favorite lancome mascara was definicils until I got a sample of Hypnose Drama in a gwp. Now it's my favorite. I usually curl my lashes, apply primer, then mascara. I've not tried the hypnose doll effect so I can't compare. But drama lengthens, and thickens, i love it...just not the $$$

Jyoan said...

I have tested this many times in store, but always get disappointed, so I haven't succumbed to this.

I just don't feel like it's lengthening enough and thickening enough for me. But I guess it's still a nice mascara for those already endowed with pretty lashes. haha.

I am okay with buying high-end mascaras, as long as they don't disappoint.

Hazel said...

i still prefer drugstore brands like maybelline over highend ones ;)

M.May said...

I agree with you about high end mascaras. I seems like such a waste to have to throw them away after 3-6months. I usually save the $$$ and spend them on eyeshadow!!

I think the circle lense looks really pretty on you! =D

♡ M.May

YoannitaL said...

so far, i never have purchased high-end mascara. alot of drugstore mascaras are really great for my eyelashes!

and btw this is good review :)

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