Tuesday, September 4, 2012

FOTD with Canmake Nudy Glow Lip Gloss

Hello my lovely friends!

How was your weekend? I flew home to see my family for Labor Day and it was a nice quick vacay before starting work again. Going back home is like a whole different world. When I come back to the Bay Area, I'm constantly thinking what a world of a difference it is in LA. Do you ever get those feelings? 

Anyway, I've been obsessed with the Nudy Glow lip glosses from Canmake since last year when I saw them at a Japanese supermarket. I love the pretty look of nude lips with a slight pink glow. It's so classy and sophisticated for any day of the week and I think it makes a person look youthful, and carefree ;) See prior review here.

This is the shade 01 - Rose Macaron 

no lip product on - taken under dim lighting

one coat of nudy glow lip gloss

Isn't it a lovely milky pink? It's my favorite MMBB gloss. It feels really nice on my lips, and lasts about 2-3 hours. One coat completely changes my lip color! That's pretty pigmented, right? o_o

Here's the rest of the makeup I used:

MUFE Face & Body in #20 (reviewed briefly here
Milani HD concealer - This concealer is actually quite good! I'm surprised I don't use more often. It brightens dull areas and has a nice dewy finish.

Guerlain blusher in Rose Du Primps - Such a elegant quad! I love the soft colors. They are subtle and give a nice sculpted glow. 

Anastasia Beauty Express Brow Kit (see review here) - I pretty much use the brow kit daily. I feel the shades are so accurate. The powder is consistency is just right - less pigmented than an eye shadow but subtle enough to make my eyebrows look fuller in the most natural way.

Side note: I've been using Rapid Lash on my lashes! They've made a big difference. I have to show you guys before and after pics and a full review! 

And that concludes it! That's pretty much a look that I like to do whenever. The point of this was supposed to be centered on the pretty pink lip gloss, which I think is still dominant in the overall look :)

Do you gals use any products from Canmake or any other drugstore Japanese cosmetics? And in price to quality, how do you think it compare to drugstore makeup from the US? 


Jacqueline said...

Lovely fotd! You look so fresh. I love the lip colour on your lips.

Maggie said...

It's nice to visit home once in a while, isn't it? :) I think I'll come to appreciate that when I move into college next year.

I've always wanted to try out Canmake products! This lip gloss looks perfect! Such a pretty color and so pigmented. Love your FOTD, soft and sophisticated but still youthful (just like the lipgloss eh)!

sizbelle said...

this is one of my fav gloss too, love the milk pastel pink color for lips. Cant wait for your rapidlash post!

Sunny said...

Girly you look gooood! I can't wait to hear about that lash serum either! I've always been curious about this kind of products!

Beauty Box said...

I like Canmake's Candy Wrap Lip Gloss... I'm not really a fan of their nudy glow ones because of the taste... but for its price point, some of their products are pretty alright. Their blushes are excellent... It's hard to compare Japanese drugstore brands with US ones... they tend to be less pigmented and more pricey ;)

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

You are from the Bay area? Lucky girl. It's so beautiful there. I like it better than L.A.
Mom Fitness Journal | Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

Kelly said...

I love this look! It's perfect for every day!

Amyboo said...

Ooo definitely nice that you got to visit home! =) I wish I lived in sunny California...It's too cold in Massachusetts! Hahaha
I've really been wondering if I should get one of the glosses from the Nudy Glow line...I'm still debating, but this post has definitely pushed me in favor of buying one...:D

Jen said...

love the colour ^___^

definitely looking forward to the review on the rapid lash... your lashes look amazing *A*

Mai said...

I feel like my love affair with US drugstore products have been waning in favor of some of the cutest Japanese and Korean makeup. There's just something about the cute packaging that totally draws me in! I only own two Etude House eyeshadows but I definitely want to try more

Dovey said...

What a pretty, natural fotd :)

Nic Nic said...

so pretty and natural Jenn :) I think I may have the same colour but I never use it... think it looks much better on you!

rooth said...

Oh your lashes DO look longer! Rapid Lash eh?

Popcorn said...

haha the canmake lippy has been on my wishlist for a long timee. Those lashes look super long!

Kumiko Mae said...

the Guerlain quad is a favorite! Oh lord my mom took mine away though :(

Linds said...

Canmake seems like an amazing range, I wish I had better access to it! On a side note, love your blog name! xx Look forward to future posts :)

xx Lindsay

KatXoXo said...

Such pretty colors!! I love the pinks the most :)

Indira said...

Hi girl! Those are pretty glosses and yes the pinkish shades make you look youthful! ^_^ And love your lovely natural makeup. Fresh and subtle! xx

amynaree said...

love the look, so fresh and girly!

Sharlynn said...

That is a very subtle and pretty shade! To be honest, I've all but stopped buying lipgloss all together! My lips peel too easily, and not because I'm dehydrated...they just do and lipgloss looks awful on top so balms and lipsticks for me!

I should be posting a neutral glowy type fotd soon, Ive realized that less eyeliner equal far more visible lashes! Nice post, I miss blogging the past few weeks!

sleepandwater said...

Your eyelashes look amazing! The MUFE foundation looks gorgeous on you as well. The lipgloss is such a pretty pinkish nude too. You have perfect teeth ;)

Jade in The Palace said...

I love Japanese or Asian brands make up in general :-D
This canmake gloss looks pretty on you!
I've been wanting to get canmake blush,but still not sure about it..
My all time fave japanese brand is shiseido and its 2nd line ; Majolica Majorca ;)

Janet said...

I love canmake products especially their blushers!! but have yet tried any of their lip gloss and it sure look super lovely on you~ Honestly, I prefer US drugstores such as ELF or NYX as they have a wide range of makeup palette compared to the Japanese brands.

btw, you look super duper cute and pretty with this look ^_~

prettylittlepetite said...

You have such flawless complexion! Its so sad that brand isn't available yet here in the Philippines. :(

I followed your blog. ^_^