Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Help: Clear Skin Before/After & Review

Hello lovelies!

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I will be reviewing a supplement that helps deal with acne. I was very fortunate to be able to try this product and I have to say that the results have marked milestones for me.

A bit about my skin history: I've been very fortunate not to have any major skin problems growing up but as an adult, I've suffered more adult acne than I ever did as a kid. It is mainly due to hormonal imbalance, stress, body not absorbing certain vitamins, etc.

I started on this supplement called Help: Clear Skin by UK based company Works with Water. They pride themselves on using targeted ingredients that are 100% natural and backed up by science to work in sync with our bodies. In my case, I am using their Clear Skin supplement and it couldn't be any easier!

Each box contains 7 satchets of a powder base that dissolves in any type of liquid (hot, cold, warm) and it dissolves instantly into something clear and tasteless. I have added it to tea, and coffee and in both cases i couldn't tell that there was something added in my drink. 

The key ingredient in Help: Clear Skin is  Praventin - a bioactive protein that is rich is lactoferrin, has been proven to help clear blemishes. How it works is that it inhibits the growth of propionibacterium, which is responsible for our skin's acne and that lessens the number of new blemishes. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that helps blemishes subside for quicker healing. 

I trialed it for 2 weeks while continuing on my regular skin regimen. Here is the before and after:

You could see the difference in day 1 and day 14. My blemishes on day 14 is a lot lighter even though my skin is far from perfect there. The supplement has worked significantly well and the results are realistic and at a good pace. I didn't experience any health declining side effects. 

Overall, I think this is a solid product. It seems it would be really good for anyone that suffers from acne by taking care of it from the inside. Aside from what we put on our faces, this is an easy supplement to have in your drinks as an extra boost of immunity. 

Pros - 
7 individually packed packets in each box
dissolves quickly

Cons -
The only downside is that this particular brand is only sold in the UK at the moment but they do ship to the US from their website. 

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They are also offering a little freebie with every order: a  pocket mirror or an Ion Sport Watch 

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Have you tried the Help: brand? What methods have you gone in trying to rid of acne? 


Beauty and the Scientist said...

I am actually looking for something to help clear up my blemishes. I'm glad you did a 2 week trial so that we can see the results. I may have to get some Help.

LittoMokaa said...

Wow there's clearly a big difference between day 1 and 14! It definitely looks less red and bumpy! Too bad it's not widely available yet, I would probably make my bf try it. His acne is starting to clear up due to a more healthy lifestyle and proper skincare but I'm pretty sure this thing would help a lot!!

Amyboo said...

This is crazy ingenious powers! The results are amazing. O_O This has pretty much convinced me to try these tablets.

Sunny said...

This looks good! I get some acne from time to time, though it's mostly under control with some AHA/BHA in my skincare routine. I'd keep this in mind and recommend it to friends who suffer from more serious problems though. Thanks for trying it out for us, Jen!

Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

Wow! That's pretty amazing!!! I should get this for my daughter!

mayaari said...

i can definitely see a difference in your before/after pics!

Blusherine said...

I am currently also into supplements! :-) I am taking magnesium because I don't seem to have enough! Of course I could eat better! I have also struggled with acne, more as an adult than as a teenager, also due to hormonal imbalances! I am good at the moment, and I am keeping my fingers crossed! :-)
Glad the supplement worked so well for you!

Nunu said...

I keep hearing about their products and your results look promising! I have much better skin now as an adult than I ever did as a kid, I think my issues were mostly hormonal and now that's under control I usually only get an occasional breakout.
Sadly they don't appear to ship to Canada :(

Mimi said...

Wow! This is great, I've never heard of it, but istrongly believe that acne is caused from the inside and diet and nutriotion play a big role!

Aesthetic Lounge

trishie said...

Sounds like an awesome product!

Sharlynn said...

Great to hear somethings showing you some results! My biggest clear up in my skin the last few months is simply from taking birth control, because its keeping hormone levels steady throughout the month, my skins virtually clear nowadays!

It's a great side effect and my periods have been a lot less painful too. I don't know if you're aware about this wonderful side effect of birth control but in general your skin stays amazingly clear!

Hope you skin continues to clear up! Do update us! :)

Joey said...

Wow, that shows great results!

Canadian Beauty said...

Hi! I am your newest follower and I have acne prone skin in my chin area too! I haven't heard of this brand, honestly.
I recently saw a homeopath who told me to take zinc every day to help with chin acne which is hormonal in women? I am going to start doing that.

Feel free to check out my blog too!

Rinny said...

I was contacted by the company awhile back to review this, but at the time I declined because I felt a bit uneasy ingesting something that had relatively few reviews online. It seems like it worked really well for you and all the other girls who tried it though! I can definitely see a difference in your before and after photos :)

Anna said...

Whoa - what a difference. I can clearly see it works (though I was skeptical about it as I read your first few sentences... and then I saw the pictures :O )but I'm very paranoid about anything that goes through my body. My skin isn't great but nothing that some light makeup couldn't conceal. Thanks for sharing this though - war on acne is possible!

Laura Go said...

You know what? When I was a teen, I didn't break out as much as most teens do. But when I moved to IL as an adult, I broke out like crazy. I tried lots of regimens, but the one I like the best is the one I'm on now! I'm using Acne Free. I haven't heard of HELP before, though, and it's really interesting! I think that your skin has definitely improved.

♥ laura
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Nic Nic said...

I actually have a 2 boxes that were given to me.. just need to actually drink the stuff lol. Great to see it working well on you! it looks really promising!