Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Glossy Box May 2012

Hello friends!

I wanted to show you ladies my very first goodies/subscription box! Out of all the ones out there, I was always most excited to see when my UK friends would post the contents of their Glossy Box. Fortunately for us in the States, Glossy Box has slowly itched its way onto our shores! I was given the opportunity to receive a box to test out the service.

Even the parcel box is designed very uniquely. You can't miss it!

Comes with a sturdy pink gift box. Definitely reusing it ;)

Everything is packaged nicely and tied up with a bow. Even the wrapping paper is pretty!

Contents revealed! 

1. BASQ Cucumber Tea Eye Gel - .50oz - Received full sized item, retails for $24.00
2. OPI Kiss Me on My Tulips - .50oz - Received full sized item, retails for $8.50 
3. C.O Bigelow Lavender & Peppermint Body Lotion - 5.2oz - Received full sized item, retails $12.00
4. Cargo EyeBronzer - .035oz - Received full sized item, retails for $22.00
5. Erno Laszlo Skincare Samples - Received samples, retails for $125.00/5x.50oz
6. Kyrolan Lip gloss in Toffee  - Received full sized item, retails for $18.10

So all in all, FIVE full sized items! That's quite generous for a sample box subscription, isn't it?

BASQ Cucumber Tea Eye Gel
.50oz - Received full sized item, retails for $24.00
I was very excited to see this because who hates eye gels? I'm def excited to be trying this!

 OPI Kiss Me on My Tulips 
.50oz - Received full sized item, retails for $8.50 
This is a vibrant fuchsia magenta color from the new OPI Holland collection. 

C.O Bigelow Lavender & Peppermint Body Lotion 
5.2oz - Received full sized item, retails $12.00

Cargo EyeBronzer  
.035oz - Received full sized item, retails for $22.00
Very pretty shade, but not a fan of the packaging. It's really messy and I hate the rattling sound on the cap!

Erno Laszlo Skincare Samples 
Received samples, retails for $125.00/5x.50oz
It would be interesting to try this. It's quite pricey isn't it?!

 Kyrolan Lip gloss in Toffee
Received full sized item, retails for $18.10
Really pretty caramel shade and the gloss isn't sticky. The color is a bit on the frosty side and a little too shiny but it's still a pretty color.

All in all, I think Glossy Box has a lot of potential. The items they sent out this month are relevant, up to date and a diverse enough for any beauty lover. It is $21.00 per month to join and you can join/quit at any time. I'm kind of liking the whole surprise in a box thing :)

What kind of subscription sample boxes have you joined? 


Gellie Abogado said...

I wish there's something like that here in the Philippines ):

Jen said...

I have yet to join any (im not sure if its in nz yet ><) but im jealous! All those products look great :D

Sunny said...

I haven't taken any of these boxes because we don't have any available here in Belgium yet! I think Glossybox will be launched at some point, but I really don't know when! I'd be curious to take a look!

Chloe Lum said...

$21 subscription? did they raise the price o-o i haven't joined glossybox and i'm not that excited about it :/


Beauty Box said...

I've also joined Glossy Box in Japan...The contents are always impressive but wish there was more makeup than skincare or haircare. I think your 1st glossy box is amazing...the OPI and Kryolan already make it so worth it!

Laura Go said...

I still have to jump the bandwagon on these subscription boxes. I guess I'm just too afraid to get a really crappy one and then feel like I wasted my money!
♥ laura
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Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Chloe: Yes, I do think it's a bit pricey though. I mean, it's almost as much as cable right?

maya said...

Wow, you got a nice Glossy Box this month! I'm not subscribed to any boxes at the moment, but may look into it in the future. <3

cushy said...

a box filled with awesome goodies. i'll wait and see if the following months are as great as this one.

Amyboo said...

I've never joined subscription boxes before, but everybody blogs about them! Really want to try them. xD
That lip gloss looks absolutely gorgeous...~ This is quickly winning me over. haha!

PinkOrchids said...

Your boxes aren't too bad! I like the cucumber gel, that's very different! The boxes we got recently have been amazing but the May box celebrating Glossybox's first birthday wasn't that great in my opinion. xX

Sayaka said...

The OPI nail polish is such a pretty pink!! And I love Bigelow products....aweome!!

Beauty and the Scientist said...

I want to sign up for glossy box so badly!!!! I currently do MyGlam (do not like), Julep Maven (love) and NewBeauty TestTube (Love).

Blush said...

Brilliant box! The OPI polish is pretty :) I've still not signed up for any subscription boxes but I definitely will go for Glossybox soon!

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

All these different types of boxes seem so good its so hard to choose ^^ Thanks for sharing ! maybe we can follow each other ?