Coral themed May and June Favorites

I've been trying to keep consistent with these monthly favorites but I'm really bland when it comes to new things... I tend to stick with products I use over and over because of its familiarity =p Plus, getting ready fast means more time for breakfast and the morning news. God, I'm old.

So here are my favorites for May and June, I hope you find these to be some of your favorites too!

Here's my broken Mighty Aphrodite blush, thanks to me dropping it while carrying a million other things -_-This was part of MAC's Spring 2011 Wonder Woman collection a few months ago and I have to admit that I'm not really interested in the packaging, but the duo blushes inside the compact are absolute gems! Both are nice and coral-ish and have a flattering sheen. I like the youthful finish and the fresh pinky colors.

 Lancome Star Bronzer in Bronze Riche 
I've actually had this bronzer for over a year now and I use this like a savage whenever I want a little glow. The sandy brown color is not too rich and has an extremely soft finish. It's such an incredible bronzer, with room to build on the color so you can't mess up. Thumbs up! :)

Milani Baked Blush in Corallina 
Milani's baked blushes are some of the best drugstore options. I have Rose D'or too but I like this one a tad bit more. It's a bright shimmery coral with frosty silver shimmers for highlight. The swatch above doesn't do the blush justice... o_o It's so pretty! I love the small packaging and the gold casing. It's an incredibly gorgeous color, almost a doll-like coral, especially with the reflective shimmers. Love it! :)

Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow in Galaxy
I was totally lucky to win this eyeshadow in a giveaway a few months ago. I wasn't really sure how to use this cream shadow, but I've come to love it as a nice shimmery grey base. It's not metallic-y which I love :) It's a jelly-like grey color that's easy to use and timeless looking. This shade has been a favorite of mine for months because of how versatile this shadow is. I pair it with matte colors to give it that textural contrast... and it can be worn casually or at work. Versatility plus!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Coralberry
Hello! This is a freaking gorgeous shade!!! Some of my readers really favorite this lipstick because of how bright and cheery and summer-like it is and I have to agree. It looks dazzling in the sunlight and seems to be a universally flattering color for lips. Wear it alone or pair it w/another coral gloss. Go crazy! There is nothing more to say except that it's the best $5 spent on a lipstick.

Makeup Forever Camouflage Concealer no 1
Whether or not I have to conceal on a daily basis, the security of knowing that I have this in my arsenal makes me feel confident if I ever have to hide my beaming dark circles or pesky flaws that seem to creep up random mornings. This palette is incredibly creamy and pigmented. It covers tattoos too! Although I won't be needing to cover my tattoos (I have 2 btw! lol), it can sure cover up redness and blemishes to the nth degree. *bows*
The only complaint I have is the cheapy packaging. Why not house it in a luxe glass-like case? That would be the most perfect thing ever!

Phew! That was a LOT of writing. 

What are your current favorites? Please share! :)

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