Two week cleansing cycle DONE!

Hey all! Remember my post about the body cleansing regimen here? I finally wrapped it up this past Thursday and I am pleased to say how very happy I am not having to pop a large combination of pills for a long while! LOL =p

In two weeks' time, I ingested 175 vitamins. Jesus freaking Christ, right? I know, I am thinking the same thing! It was a struggle to have to take them after breakfast and after dinner. Alternately, the box also says you can take them all at night... that would be 24 pills at once.

So how was it? Well, if you read my post about it, you would know that this is my 2nd experience within the span of 2 or so years. This cleanse cleans out your colon, detoxes you from all the toxins on a day to day basis, and helps balance out your system overall.

Week 1 was 12 pills each day, 4 in the morning and 8 in the evening. I didn't feel anything drastic happening to my body except needing to pee a lot since I also drank a ton of water to wash the pills down. The water was definitely good for my skin and I felt really good mid week because I was well hydrated and didn't eat as much (probably due to all the water). I'm not an expert pill popper (lol) so I had a lot of water. I know some people can just take a gulp of water and be done with everything but these were kinda big and some of them had powder inside. Just last week one of the pills got stuck in my throat and I was trying to wash it down with water and juice and the casing ended up dissolving and when I coughed, all the gross powder inside was in my mouth. Totally gagging moment but I ended up taking care of it with elegance (downed more juice).

Week 2 was a lot easier. I started to get the hang of the regimen and went to the bathroom regularly. I know when you see the word laxatives, you freak out because you know what it does. The good thing about this is that the laxatives are not active and they do not make you run to the bathroom at all. Everything was calm and there were no surprises. Toward the end of my cleanse, I noticed how much more "awake" i was. I didn't need to have coffee everyday and my energy level at the gym increased. I usually run 2 miles on the treadmill or elliptical but I noticed myself finishing 3-3.5 miles in a 35 minute run. There is no caffeine in this cleanse and I think my energy is due to the toxins being removed from my body.

Overall, I really recommend this cleanse. If you can overlook the crazy amount of pills to ingest, it's a good way to start a diet or clean out your system. I'm not sure how regularly a cleanse should be done but from the comments in my original post, some people cleanse every month. I'd be too afraid that my body would be dependent on it! =p And I really hate taking pills! At most maybe quarterly (every 3 months) to "start fresh" =p

I bought mine at Whole Foods for $12.99. I saw a similar one at Trader Joe's for the same price and there are various ones at vitamin stores (GNC, Vitamin World) and online.

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