Borghese makeup brushes at Costco!

I love Costco. And I especially love when they collaborate with makeup companies to sell their products there. This time (and many times before) they released makeup brushes by Borghese. I usually have to wait until the end of the year to get it because they're limited edition during the holidays. But it's the middle of April and I found them in the store while doing my usual weekday Costco runs! And it looks like they're from the Borghese collection, and not a collaboration with Kirkland (Costco's brand)...Yay! I absolutely LOVE them. They are such high quality brushes! Look at the pictures :)

Kabuki Brush - Very dense brush and soft brush head. Picks up powder really evenly.

Angled blush/contouring brush - Probably my favorite of them all! It's dense enough to pick up a lot of product in one sweep. I use it for blushes and bronzers :)

Duo Fiber Stippling Brush - Not sure how it compares to Mac's but this is my first duo fibre brush. 

Round Foundation Brush - Great on the face. Really evens out foundation and creams on the nose areas

Concealer Brush - This one is okay. I have many concealer brushes like this one.

Fluffy Blending Brush - LOVE it. It's perfect for highlighting and blending in colors

Eyeshadow Brush - Brushes evenly right at the lids. I really love this brush as well.

Angled Eye Contour Brush - Haven't used this one yet! 

Angled Brow Brush - Another okay brush. I have many similar to it.

Comes with a magnetic brush roll :) No room for the Kabuki though =/

I really love them so much! They are perfectly sized, perfectly tapered and uberly soft. The brush heads are dense and can pick up makeup better than all my other ones. During Christmas last year, I bought another Borghese set that collaborated with Kirkland but it wasn't as good. Quality wise, this set has been the best so far out of all the years I've seen Borghese brushes from Costco. I was looking on Ebay for different brush sets because my other ones are all old and ratty and I am so glad that I didn't impulsively buy them online *phew* 
Best part? It only cost $23.99! ^_~ Isn't that just ridiculous?! It's probably cheaper than the professional ELF brush rolls. Or around the same price. It is amazing quality for brushes that cost so little :)

If any of you are interested in purchasing this brush set but don't have a Costco membership or don't live near one, I can help you buy it and send it to you. I'll be going back sometime next week and I won't mind picking up more of these. Just shoot me an email if you're interested :) 

Anyway, today was a gorgeous day outside. I woke up early and did my makeup :) I love it when it's all bright outside. It just makes you want to start the day.



I'm wearing Skin Food Aloe BB Cream, Bobbi Brown brown eyeshadow, Loreal Telescopic Mascara, Revlon Baby Pink lipstick, and MAC Dainty blush.

And below is my top! I wore it over a cotton blazer and pants later on.


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