Review: Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Foundation + FOTD

My obsession with BB creams have kind of died down (WHAT?!?!). No no.. not like that. While I still love BB creams for their multi functional (gimmicky maybe) benefits, I was really missing the beautiful bottles of foundation. I am always on the hunt for foundations and I was so delighted to have stumbled across the Guerlain Lingerie De Peau one. I bought it and tried it out for several weeks. I believe it came out sometime late last year (August/Sept-ish) but I was so absorbed into BB creams at the time that I didn't take a second look at any foundations. Ah well, better now than never.

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau is lightweight foundation that provides sheer coverage  that has the "glow" factor I absolutely cannot be without.

My initial thoughts after buying this foundation was how much I really love it. Although it provides sheer coverage, it really evens out your complexion. I realized what I want from my foundation is even skin and it does just that :)

Shade 02 Beige Claire (Equiv to MAC NC20-25)

What it is: A lightweight foundation that provides sheer coverage that acts like a second skin.
Texture: It's a creamy texture that is more on the liquidy side and spreads very easily when applied with a brush or a finger.
Scent: There is a pleasant smell. I've never tried any Guerlain products before so I can't say if they have a "signature smell" like JS products. The smell is really subtle, and pretty but doesn't linger at all. It goes away nearly instantly after you spread the foundation.
Strengths: Lightweight! And a little goes a long way. My skin is nowhere near perfect and I have a lot of unevenness but half a pump is more than enough to even out my skin tone. Spreads easily because of how liquidy it is. Sheer to medium coverage if you use more.
Weaknesses: Only available in 9 shades. Some people also prefer more coverage and they have another foundation that does just that.
Packaging: The foundation is housed in a luxurious glass bottle with their signature emblem on the cap. A bit heavier than most foundations I own, but really beautiful nonetheless. The pump is very basic and standard but sanitary and easy to use.
Price: $56 on Sephora.
Budget Friendly Alternative: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation $7-12, drugstores... wait for coupons!
Overall: I would definitely repurchase! Besides the hefty price tag, this foundation is near perfect for me. The most important factor for me in a foundation is providing even coverage without having to wear a mask. It's pretty moisturizing and applies really nicely into the skin :) Lighter than a tinted moisturizer. It's great for warmer weather and lasts all work day!

What I'm wearing - FACE -
Guerlain Lingerie De Peau 02 Beige Clare
Dior Blush in Passion Fruit

- EYES -

NYX Brown Eyes Palette 
Maybelline Collosal Mascara 

- LIPS -

Revlon Lipstick "Baby Pink" :)

And the foundation after 8 hrs of wear! I reapplied the lipstick though ;)

Have you ever tried this foundation? What are your thoughts? As always, thank you for reading! :)

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